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    MFA Student Spotlight: Kelsa Dine

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    Name: Kelsa Dine Age: 25 Where are you from? Pleasant Plain, Ohio What is your performance/theatre background? I have a Bachelor’s Degree in theater from Goucher College. In addition to acting, I studied movement, playwriting, costume design, a little bit of general set/lighting design, and directing — the school had a sort of holistic...

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    From NYC to San Fran: ADA Alumnus Bob Shryock talks about life after the MFA and his new job as the Director of University and Artist Relations

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    Bob Shryock is an actor-creator and theatre artist that works in both New York City and San Francisco. As a jack-of-all-trades, Bob has worked as a teaching artist, director, performer, deviser, producer and administrator for many organizations and universities. He recently accepted the role of Director of University and Artist Relations for the Accademia dell’Arte...

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    “A Community of Artists” – Current physical theatre students talk about working with European artists and professors

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    masks in class

    Before arriving in Italy, most of what I’d heard about European professors from friends who’d studied abroad before was rather… alarming. Common themes included uptightness, strict adherence for rules, and harsh grading systems. Well, we’ve been in class for a solid month now and I can definitely say that any kind of rigidity or...

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