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    Summer Student Perspectives: Me & My Imagination

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    For this week’s student ADALife Blog post physical theatre student Mckenzie shares with us some of her instagram blogging she’s been doing while here at the ADA, and dance student Ronesha shares some photos and videos she’s taken of her fellow dancers and the work they’ve been doing. Mckenzie Wilkins, Arizona State University (Physical...

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    SIP2019 Double

    Under the (hot) Tuscan Sun: an Accademia dell’Arte Newsletter

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    Under the (hot) Tuscan Sun: an Accademia dell’Arte Newsletter Summer is an exciting time here at the Accademia dell’Arte. The Villa is full of young artists soaking up every ounce of knowledge from their peers and the summer faculty. Summer Intensives are an opportunity for students in Dance and Physical Theatre to explore and...

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    C.O.R.E with Helena Fernandino and Wagner Moreira

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    The first two weeks of our summer intensives are complete. Our dance students worked in their first two weeks in an intensive called C.O.R.E (Creating Opportunities for Research and Exploration). They worked with dancers, Helena Fernandino and Wagner Moreira. As these two artists are also parents, they switched off teaching time to take care...

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    Intern Corner: Body Honor

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    At the end of week three and one more week to go of the Summer Physical Theatre Intensive, summer intern Rachel reflects and describes the experience she’s had so far in the Body Memory intensive taught by Dénes Döbrei and Heni Varga. It’s 5:00am. We don’t speak or make eye contact. We stand together...

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    Hidden Dimensions with Sam McGehee and Sašo Vollmaier

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    The first half of our summer physical theatre intensive is complete. Our physical theatre students participated in one of two intensives going on these two weeks: Clown and Hidden Dimensions. Below we hear from Hidden Dimensions instructors, Sam McGehee and Sašo Vollmaier. In this intensive the students work with voice and movement to create and explore...

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    Clown with André Casaca and Federica Mafucci

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    The first half of our summer physical theatre intensive is complete. Our physical theatre students participated in one of two intensives going on these two weeks: Clown and Hidden Dimensions. Below we hear from Clown instructor, André Casaca and his translator and collaborator Federica Mafucci. In this two week intensive students recieved their own red noses...

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    Summer Student Perspectives: Eat Your Heart Out, Stephen King

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    In the first two weeks of our summer intensives, physical theatre students completed either the Clown Intensive taught by André Casaca and Federica Mafucci or the Hidden Dimensions Intensive taught by Sam McGehee and Sašo Vollmaier. Our dance students completed the C.O.R.E Intensive taught by Helena Fernandino and Wagner Moreira. Below summer students Hugo, Jessie, and...

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    Intern Corner: Live the Risk

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      For her second blog of the program our intern, Rachel, talks about her experience taking the clown intensive and reflects on her self discoveries. Ok, so a lot goes on here during the weeks of the intensive, and before I begin talking about the classes, I do have a few very more than...

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    Intern Corner: First Impressions and Reflections

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      This summer our intern, Rachel Wansker, will be sharing her experience of our program here on our ADALife Blog. She will also be leading our students, staff, and faculty in a number of workshops (pictured above) where everyone will work together breaking the usual teacher/student boundaries. With week one of our Sumer Physical...

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    ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT: Laura Sessoms Grimes

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    Laura Sessoms Grimes headshot

    ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT: Laura Sessoms Grimes, Fall 2004 Physical Theatre Program Laura Sessoms Grimes is a North Little Rock native and an alum of North Little Rock High School, where she was active in drama and dance. She received her B.A. in Theatre Arts from Hendrix College, where her emphases were Acting and Playwriting. Laura...

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    Ciaos Will Soon Turn Into Hellos

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      Maggie Capone, Muhlenberg College Semester Physical Theatre Program Here we are at the end of the road. All at once it feels like I’ve been here forever and for no time at all. Becca asked us what we were going to miss and then urged us to remember the sensations that we associate...

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    ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT: KARINA FOX, Fall 2015 Physical Theatre Program   Karina Fox is a Bay Area-based director. Her most recent directing credits include Visible from Four States and X at Magic Theatre. Her recent assistant directing credits include Rhinoceros, The Wolves, and Sweat at A.C.T. and The Gangster of Love and The Eva Trilogy at Magic Theatre. In addition to directing, Karina has also worked as a production...

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