• Stepping Into Spring: A Spring 2018 ADA Newsletter

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    Stepping Into Spring Our Spring 2018 undergraduate students have arrived and are already hard at work! This semester, twenty undergraduate Physical Theatre students, nine Dance students, and four students in the One Year Physical Theatre program will live together at Villa Godiola for a rigorous, creative, and transformative artistic experience. The first two weeks...

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    New Faces Meet Old Places

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    Connor 1

    This past weekend our undergrad students went on a trip to Florence! They were lead in a tour by our Student Life Director, Monica, and then had a chance to explore this beautiful city on their own! Below Makenna, Bethany, Connor, Ellie, tell us about what they did. We also hear from One Year Program...

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    Off to a Great Start

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    blog photo

     It’s our first full week of classes at the ADA! Our new group of Undergrad Physical Theatre and Dance students are beginning to be settled in. Below One Year Student Dara, Dance Student Nadia, and Physical Theatre Students Livia, and Jem express their excitement and goals for the semester! Dara Potts, Coastal Carolina University...

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    Crossing the Finish Line

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    For the final blog of the semester Griffin O’Connor, Dara Potts, Ryan Connelly, Megan Muratore, and Amani Huell talk about  how they feel about the semester coming to a close and some things they look forward to going home to.   Griffin O’Connor, Muhlenberg College I had to do a double take this morning when I glanced at...

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    Reflections and Advice

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    One week until the final presentation! Read below for some reflections about collaboration and some advice for future students from Physical Theatre Students TJ Little, Tara Ellwood, Autumn McNutt, and Steph Pilavin! TJ Little, Coastal Carolina University Being in Italy for a semester, learning to devise theatre can be very stressful. It’s okay. Accept what...

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    Home Away from Home

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    We’re in the home stretch with only 2 and a half weeks left for our Fall 2017 Undergrads! Below we hear from music students Elmira David, Laura Lynn Brickle, Bryan Johnson, and Madison  Allen. Elmira David, Goucher College It’s kind of unreal how this semester program is almost over. In the past 2 months, the music...

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    A New Chapter (part 3): Interviews with MFA Cohort IV

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    A New Chapter: Interviews with MFA Cohort IV Group 3: Justine Hince, Richard Martinez, Caroline Montes, Erika Whatley If you missed the first two entries in this series, after a long, productive residency with Divadlo Continuo Theatre in the Czech Republic, which involved daily training along with the creation of 14 Lines, the final performance of their...

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    Learning Experiences

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    With only a few weeks left of the semester this weeks bloggers Nate Rosario, Dalton Hedrick, Sabrina Sonner, Alyssa Crook, and Maggie Renfroe talk about their experiences and some of what they’ve learned about themselves here! Nate Rosario, Muhlenberg College When I was traveling for fall break I was all by myself. It was incredibly stressful on...

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    A New Chapter (part 2): Interviews with MFA Cohort IV

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    MFA Circle Banner

    A New Chapter: Interviews with MFA Cohort IV Group 2: Aubrey Clinedinst, Tristan Schaffer-Goldman, Emily Childers In case you missed the first entry in this series the week before last … after a long, productive residency with Divadlo Continuo Theatre in the Czech Republic, which involved daily training along with the creation of 14 Lines, the...

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    The Home Stretch: a Fall 2017 ADA Newsletter

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    The Home Stretch: a Fall 2017 ADA Newsletter The Fall 2017 undergrads have completed two thirds of their semester abroad. After an adventure-filled fall break everyone is back and ready to work. Every studio, practice room, and rehearsal space at the villa is in use, as these eager artists begin to prepare for their end-of- semester presentations....

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