• Reminiscing

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    This week’s ADALife Bloggers think back on some good times they’ve had so far! We hear from Elysia Hempel, Rose Shue, and Jack Wagner! Elysia Hempel, Furman University This past Tuesday evening, ADA students celebrated Halloween at the villa by dressing up in elaborate costumes and trick or treating the offices! Students enjoyed eating candy while watching...

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    A New Chapter (part 1): Interviews with MFA Cohort IV

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    A New Chapter: Interviews with MFA Cohort IV Group 1: Brittany Roa, Ware Carlton-Ford, Elyse Brown, Nike Redding After a long, productive residency with Divadlo Continuo Theatre in the Czech Republic, which involved daily training along with the creation of 14 Lines, the final performance of their 2+ year MFA program, Cohort IV took the production...

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    An Italian Autumn

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    Halloween has arrived at the ADA! Here are some updates from this weeks bloggers Kyle Watkins, Amelia Dobbs, Bear Spiegel, Zach Montou, and Emily Burger!!   Kyle Watkins, Muhlenberg College It’s amazing to see the way different cultures adopt and enjoy traditions that are so familiar at home. It was a pleasant surprise these past weeks to head into...

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    Woah, We’re Halfway There…

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    Our Undergrads spent the last week traveling around the world on fall  break! This week’s bloggers are theatre students Lulu Fairclough-Stewart, Julia Baker, Josh Young, and Quinn Jones! Read below to hear about their many travels! Lulu Fairclough-Stewart, Skidmore College For break I traveled around France visiting friends and family. Initially I was very nervous about...

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    Music in the Air

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    This week the theatre students were back from Ljubljana just in time to see the Music Student Showcase! Our bloggers this week are Anna Rae Lutz, Hannah Coffman, and Julia Guy! Below they tell us about the music concert and then some highlights from their week! Music throughout The Villa! There is music wafting through the villa...

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    One Month Down, Two to Go

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    The Undergrads have finished their first month at the ADA! With the theatre students traveling in Ljubljana, Slovenia this week, the music students had the whole villa to themselves! This week’s AdaLife Bloggers are  music students Rose Shue, Elysia Hempel, and Jack Wagner!   Rose Shue, Furman University As I write this, I am sitting on a...

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    Expectations, Surprises, and Discoveries: a Look into the Fall Semester

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    Expectations, Surprises, and Discoveries: a Look into the Fall Semester Student Perspectives We sat down with Physical Theatre students Anne Rae Lutz and Griffin O’Connor, and Music student Elysia Hempel, to hear about their classes and experience so far: Q: What’s the biggest thing you’ve learned about the ADA that you weren’t expecting? About Arezzo? ANNA RAE: The biggest thing I’ve...

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    A Short Week and a Long Weekend

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    The students only had class Monday-Wednesday this week, and then had free time to travel and explore! This weeks Adalife bloggers are theatre students Blake Peebles, Rowan Halpin, Sarah Cook, and Sophia Richter!   Blake Peebles (Muhlenberg College) It’s a long weekend, and everyone has headed off to various corners of the continent. Some to Austria, some...

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    Adventures of the ADA Musicians

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    The Undergrad students have made it through another week! This week’s ADALife Bloggers are Music students; Elmira, Madison, Laura Lynn, and Bryan! Read below to hear about their first excursions through Italy! Elmira David: Music, Goucher College It has been a great two weeks here in Italy with a lot of walking, eating, and exploring. In the short...

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