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    unnamed (23)Farewell Fall 2015!

    As the Fall 2015 semester draws to a close, the Accademia dell’Arte says a fond farewell to this fall’s semester students. To the One Year Physical Theatre students and MFA Cohort IV we say arrivederci (for now)! These students will return in January after a short break for the holidays.

    This ADA Newsletter includes a recap of final performances from the One Year and Undergraduate Physical Theatre students and reflections from the fall semester.

    The Accademia is now accepting applications for Summer Programs and MFA in Physical Theatre Cohort V! If you’re interested (or know someone who is) check out the APPLY section below!

    Finals Week
    Commedia dell’Arte, Movement and MFA Devising

    unnamed (24)Commedia dell’Arte – The Commedia dell’Arte final performances punctuated the semester’s end for both the Undergraduate and One Year Physical Theatre students.
    In addition to the expected mask, voice, character, and improvisation work, the pieces from both groups used traditional themes and songs in order to bring out unique elements in the work.

    The One Year program presented their piece in Arezzo at La Stalla, directed by Fabio Mangolini, Professor of Acting and MFA Associate Program Director. Micheal Mocchiutti mentored the Undergraduate Physical Theatre and had this to say about the undergraduate Commedia final performances:

    Both groups have worked hard and the students worked well together. Unlike previous years, this semester I worked more on the tradition-inspired writing of canovacci. For the first time we will use elements of traditional costumes, makeup, noises and sounds – as well as Venetian songs of the 1600’s.

    Movement – The Undergraduate Physical Theatre students recently shared their movement final performance, short solo pieces originating from the idea of waking dreams. Under the guidance of Nhandan Chirco, Professor of Movement and Undergraduate Physical Theatre Program Director, the semester’s work culminated in performances spanning three days. The final day’s work also included translating text into movement and involved Furman University student musicians from the Music program.

    Devising – MFA Cohort IV marked the end of the first semester of their 2.5 year journey with self-generated pieces performed at La Stalla. The Accademia faculty, staff, and students were joined by friends from Arezzo. Before their holiday break, Cohort IV heads to Torino for a one-week residency at FLIC Scuola di Circo (FLIC Circus School) focused on fitness and conditioning in preparation for their six-week residency in May and June.

    unnamed (7)

    Arezzo  |  Torino  |  Berlin  | Czech Republic 

    Accepting Applications for MFA in Physical Theatre Cohort V! 

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    Rooted in the ethos of the actor-creator, the Accademia’s MFA in Physical Theatre provides a high level of technical training leading to self-generated performance informed by the study of the aesthetic, historical and social factors that underpin our contemporary culture.
    *For complete details visit the website.

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    Fall 2015 Reflections

    unnamed (8)The Accademia is always excited to hear what our students will take into their next adventure, whether that’s back to their college or university or into the professional world. We asked a few students and faculty to think back on their time in Arezzo this semester:

    One of my defining moments from this semester has been truly losing myself in the work I have been doing. In preparation for our voice final we worked on a structured improvisation and I found myself fully immersed in the moment. It has been really exciting to use my breath and character to help guide me to explore and grow, and I felt genuine relationships established with my other classmates.
    Billy Porges, UG Physical Theatre

    When I look back, I’ll remember the people and the safe space we built to work and create. This place has a magic that’s so powerful that at times, I forget that life can be anything other than this. I’ve been challenged as an artist, as a collaborator, and as a person, and I wouldn’t have learned what I know now had it not been for the relationships and artistic opportunities at ADA.
    Alan Mendez, UG Physical Theatre

    I will remember my teachers, who cared so much about how we were learning. I will remember my journey from where I started and how much confidence and freedom I have discovered. And I will remember watching my friends, new and old, grow in the same way I have.
    Sara Plensdorf, One Year Physical Theatre

    This semester students had a spoken commitment to responsible team-building and showed a mature appreciation of the challenges involved in being both supportive and independent.
    Kevin Crawford, Director of the MFA in Physical Theatre Program

    One of the most memorable moments of this semester for me was fairly early on in Voice class. We started with all 14 of us singing together in a circle and as each of us took turns improvising harmonies with each other, we started to create a story. It was the first time that we all came together as a group and allowed ourselves to be completely vulnerable. By the end of it, we were all huddled together on the floor. I can still remember the silence afterwards – no one quite knew what to say but we all knew something magical had happened. That moment started all of us off with an incredible sense of encouragement and support for one another that has carried throughout the semester.
    Justine Hince, MFA in Physical Theatre

    To keep up with the current news at the ADA including weekly posts from current students, make sure to visit our Facebook Page, and follow us on Instagram and Twitter. You can also catch a sneak peak of students in and out of class on our YouTube channel.


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