• Adjusting to Life Abroad: What Surprised You?

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    Our undergraduates are settling into their academic routine here at the ADA, and are feeling more and more at home each day at Villa Godiola. Below, four undergraduate physical theatre students express their initial impressions of life in Italy, and at the Accademia!

    Karina Fox (Muhlenberg College, PA)

    I have heard stories about the Accademia dell’Arte since my first week at Muhlenberg. Everyone I spoke to told me it was life changing, inspirational, and unbelievable beautiful. I haven’t been here long enough to tell if it it’s life changing, but I am happy to report that it’s inspirational and it’s certainly beautiful. The actual Academia itself is immediately recognizable by its striking yellow color and the entire place has a feeling of creativity and creation. So far every class has been a healthy mix of challenging and fun. Movement has us all sweating bullets, Voice has us discovering new things about our bodies everyday, philosophy is both challenging and enlightening, and Italian has us exploring a beautiful new language. Everyone here, students and faculty alike, are so hardworking, and collaboration is both welcomed and encouraged. I have loved my time here so far and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the semester brings.

    Becca Canziani (Muhlenberg College, PA)

    The Accademia dell’Arte has created such a family environment for the 34 for of us theatre and music students here. We’ve only been here for two weeks and I already feel so comfortable with everyone. It’s a community of artists who are so supportive of each other’s talents and ideas, and I’ve never felt in more of a safe space to be myself and do what I love. It can be hard trying to adjust to this new life and culture, but the best part of it is that we all can help each other and support each other through it. One night we had an hour talk together in the living room just talking about the cultural differences here and figuring out how to deal with it. I’m so excited to continue my adventures here and to become even closer with my Accademia dell’Arte family!


    Theatre students enjoying a weekend excursion to Cinque Terre

    Theatre students enjoying a weekend excursion to Cinque Terre

    Patrick Moore (Muhlenberg College, PA)

    This past week was physically exhausting, academically challenging and very fulfilling. I went through the first full week of movement and voice classes, which are teaching me new and better ways to use my body. My trip to Cinque Terre may not have helped my legs, but it sure made me a happier person. I am slowly and steadily improving my Italian speaking skills through class and also by attempting to communicate while in town. The philosophy class is bringing me new perspectives on what theatre and art are, and showing me how intelligent my classmates are. I’m also so glad that the music and theatre students are interacting so much! Sunday night, all of us had work due the next day, but a bunch of us took a little time out and played a really fun game of Mafia. This experience has been satisfying in so many different ways, and it’s only been two weeks!

    Ashlyn Wells (Southern Arkansas University, AR)

    This week at the wonderful Accademia dell’Arte, I got to enjoy so much. We went on a permit of stay adventure, experienced the food truck festival in Arezzo (not to mention the greatest fried mozzarella ever) and traveled to the beautiful area of La Spezia which furthered my travels of Italy. I’m finding that with each day, I’m able to use my Italian to get to know the local people better. This experience just gets better every day.

    Music students practicing in the Villa

    Music students practicing in the Villa


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