• Cheers to Another Beginning

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    Aliza Saper, Coastal Carolina University

    One Year Physical Theatre Program

    The start of the spring semester has been a joyous and busy one. As a year long student it has felt rather special to come back to something that feels familiar rather than foreign. The villa is filled with new, lovely faces and energies, everything is refreshed. As the theatre and dance students get introduced to life here, to the classes and the people, us one year students have hit the ground running. Our curriculum this semester will be an intense and exciting continuation of where we left off last semester. I am grateful to have more time here. I know my work is not done in this place. Everyday the villa transforms more and more into a place I can call home. I am eager to find out what this semester will hold for myself and my peers. For now, we enjoy our first weekend here together, a new group of brilliant artists sit in the living room. Cheers to another beginning.

    Candace Hudert, Sarah Lawrence College

    Semester Physical Theatre Program


    The view of Florence from the plane! I’ve only been out of the US once before this trip, so this was very exciting. All the buildings were cream colored. We’re going to see Florence up close this Friday.


    First dinner in the Mensa! I suspect they were playing to the stereotype, and it was delicious. Most of our meals are pasta, and I am not mad about it at all.
    My first walk into town, extremely jetlagged. This is the sign you pass at the bottom of the hill from the Accademia. Still have quite a hike after that though…
    All of the spring semester students (sans me) taking pics of the amazing view! (Accademia dell’Arte is the very yellow set of buildings to the far right.)
    After our Arezzo tour with Monica (a true blessing tbh). Eleanor and I caught each other taking pics of our reflections so this is our first cOlLaBoRaTiOn lol
    Welcome to the end of our first week!
    BONUS: one (1) weekend shenanigan: movie night feat. pillow desk fort
    We watched Jumanji and yelled at the screen the whole time it was GREAT
    Candace, signing out.

    Ashley Veglia, Muhlenberg College

    Semester Dance Program

    Wow! I can’t believe we have only been at the Accademia for 5 days and I already feel at home. From being challenged in our classes to exploring Arezzo with our private tour guide Monica, our first week here has been packed with incredible moments. We are not just learning how to improve within our artistic craft, but we are also already learning what it takes to create a strong, supportive community. The walls of this villa already represent a home for everyone here at the Accademia this spring term, and I am so excited to experience what else is in store!


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