• First Impressions: Current students talk about their first few days at the ADA and in Arezzo

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    Roman Amphitheatre

    Our first week here at the Accademia has truly been a whirlwind. Most of us couldn’t imagine actually getting here, actually living in a villa in Italy, and now we are here – and we are quite literally living. Our introduction to Italy has been nothing short of incredible, from where we live at the Accademia – beautiful yellow buildings and cozy areas to gather together, to the lively city of Arezzo. The surrounding area isn’t the only astonishing thing, but the group that has gathered together here is absolutely wonderful. The creativity lives in the walls of these buildings, and now that they are filled with students – wide-eyed and hungry to explore their passions – possibilities seem endless.

    From what the locals tell us, the weather right now is at its worst. Still, as we brave the rain that’s been pouring down on us day after day, we can’t help but marvel at the beauty of the rain clouds kissing the top of the Tuscan hills.  Our time inside the studio has been incredibly challenging and intense, but there’s just something about the view from our classroom windows that offers a sense of ease and comfort that we can’t imagine ever taking for granted.

    It’s been one week and we’ve already enjoyed an evening of jazz at ADA dance teacher Gianni Bruschi’s own studio, SpazioSeme, and two open mic nights, one at the villa and another as part of the CrisisART Festival at the Teatro Virginian in the center of Arezzo. We are somewhat exhausted, but the palatable talent here is fueling our enthusiasm for the semester!

    – Anna Rock, Alyssa Whitney, Haley Jakobson and Ben Ducoff, Spring 2014

    Room with a view



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