• Goals and Inspiration: Current Students Speak Out

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    Cortona Fall 2013


    Having just finished my second week at ADA I feel quite overwhelmed with emotions. I’m excited, still a little nervous, overwhelmed, incredibly grateful for this opportunity, and enthused and invigorated by all of the time ahead. By the end of the semester I would like to at least be competent in Italian, gain more confidence in myself as an actress, allow myself to take risks more readily with less apprehension and to find myself a more worldly and culturally aware person than I was at the beginning of the semester. I see a more confident, self-aware, strong person ready to face the world with a different, or at least slightly changed worldview as I think about what I see for myself by the end of the program. I’ve already met so many incredible people that have widened the way I think about everything; I believe that by the end of the semester the knowledge I will have gained from my peers and professors will grow exponentially and help mold me into a better or at least, changed person. Through the support and love for my peers and professors, a lot of hard work and dedication, and maybe a few calls home…I hope to accomplish just that.

    – Chelsea MD

    Guitars Fall 2013


    Initially, my goals for the semester included goals typical of a student preparing to study at the Accademia dell’Arte: grow as an actor (emotionally, physically, technically, etc.), open myself to all opportunities, embrace the Italian language and culture, and pursue a positive mental attitude in any and all occasions. These goals remain true, however here at the Villa I am realizing everyday what exactly these goals mean. I am beginning to see the extent to which I hope to realize these goals, as well as the specificity, dedication, passion, drive and stamina they require.

    The program the faculty continues to mold challenges us, while also giving us the structure and support we need. Meeting goals often relies on setting realistic goals within a realistic time frame. At the ADA, I can dare to work past what I ever envisioned possible for myself because I can trust in the program, the faculty, and the art. By embracing the art, the work, and the culture I simultaneously expand my mind and body as an actor and a person. As I am currently reading about the integration of lifestyles in philosophy, the integration of this experience proves to be most integral. In order grow on an emotional, physical, and technical level within theatre, I will also grow as a person. By integrating this growth throughout my life I will be able to take it with me back to work and life in The States, where I can continue to integrate, grow and build.

    – Amanda Garrigan



    My overall goal here in Arezzo, aside from soaking in Italy in every way, is to grow as an artist in whatever journey the Accademia dell’Arte takes me on. Accademia dell’Arte does not just feel like school. It feels like a sabbatical we as artists have been given the privilege to take to solely focus on ourselves, the community of people around us, what we ourselves can create, and what we can all create together. Aside from classes I have not been presented with anywhere else, we are also encouraged to take advantage of additional creative and performance opportunities. Extra classes in EBAS are provided on Sundays. With talent and creative energy everywhere, collaboration, experimentation, and a supportive performance environment between students is highly encouraged through an orchestra, cabarets, and open stage nights (some of which are even at a jazz club in town). I have never felt this freedom to just approach peers and say, “Hey! Let’s create this!” I have never wanted to be so risky and open with my ideas. I want to sing, dance, and create. Through my classes, I aim to gain so much more awareness of my physical body and voice as an actor, the technicalities and the freedom. I also am just already learning so many entirely new art forms…juggling, Tarantella, and starting this week commedia. At the end of the semester, I hope to feel that I have made major strides towards each of these new skill sets and really given each my all. I hope to have taken risks, fearlessly made mistakes in this safe space, and gained confidence and strength as an actor and creative artist through these new skill sets.

    – Laura Sack

    Juggling Fall 2013

    Being in the theatre program, one of my goals for this semester is to become better acquainted with myself as well as the abilities of my body in terms of movement, voice, and special skills. Earlier this week we had the opportunity to start classes on juggling with a guest artist. Although daunting at first, the communal enthusiasm for everyone to succeed created a nurturing environment where everyone had an opportunity to grow. This passion is sincerely shown by all at Accademia dell’ Arte. The combination of professors, artists, and teachers with a special gift to ensure that every individual student is getting their utmost attention is simply something that can’t be found anywhere else. All of this while being in one of the most beautiful places in the world, seconds away from historic Arezzo. Already in the first week or so of classes, I have developed a better appreciation and understanding for my individual, and collective, movement and voice.

    – Jack Dee


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