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    Hello! I am Hannah Kulbitsky, a current student of the Accademia. I remember the panic of wondering what specifically to pack or what to wear, so BEHOLD: 

    A packing list and tips…from a current Accademia student

    First and MOST important:


    You are gonna be sweating a lot in class…and class will take up most of your days. So you must have a BARE MINIMUM OF 5 MOVEMENT OUTFITS TO MIX AND MATCH. Pack some movement layers in case of cold or warm weather—long pants and shorts but also shorts and tanks to move in warmer weather.

    And pack tons of socks…you might lose some…I did.

    Pack a pair of pjs, or at least extra sweats to sleep in. I did not do this and REGRETTED IT. DONT be me. Be better.


    • One heavier winter jacket
    • One spring jacket or hoodie
    • One sweater for indoors or warmer days

    Clothes for out on the town:

    • Two nicer shirts/turtle necks
    • Two pairs of jeans/fancier pants
    • One dress (or jumpsuit or overalls…)  you will NOT need more.

    As for shoes:

    • pair of sneakers
    • pair of boots
    • Slip on sandals or flip flops
    • MAYBE a pair of jazz shoes for movement if you typically move in them

    (You will not need heels I promise!!!!)


    • Hat
    • Gloves
    • Minimal jewelry…you most likely won’t need it for movement so it’ll just be for weekends


    • Chargers
    • Adapters
    • Laptop
    • Minimal toiletries…you can get good stuff here! 
    • Makeup—if you wear it. Though most days are class days, so I recommend bringing little.
    • Journal with pens to write.
    • Some cash…there is an atm in town so no need to get too much
    • Something small that reminds you of home

    I promise you will not need to pack more than this…and if you discover you need anything, there is a flea market in town on Saturdays that has fantastic deals and I promise you will get something regardless. I overpacked here and I wanted to share some advice.

    End note: don’t get swept up in trying to bring clothes to make you “fit in” more with the “fashion culture.” People here wear ripped jeans, especially the younger crowd, and can still dress casual. Don’t be fooled—Italians can be unstylish too, so just bring what suits you and your vibe. You’ll be the most comfortable that way. You are going to have a great time here, do tons of amazing work, and meet fantastic people. Don’t stress 🙂


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