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    My favorite part about living in Italy is definitely learning the language. I came to Italy not really knowing that much Italian; I would practice mainly on Duolingo sort of inconsistently. I’ve grown to love speaking and learning the language and conversing with the locals in Arezzo. Before classes even began, I got really embarrassed trying to speak in restaurants and cafe’s but once classes started and I was immersed headfirst into the Italian pool, my confidence began slowly but surely getting more and more confident. It’s really helpful learning from not only Italian class at Accademia, but also conversations with Italians as well as continuing to practice with Duolingo as well. I don’t think I expected to form such a strong connection with the language and with the culture but I’m absorbing something new everyday. Italy has really made an imprint on me and I want to strive to keep practicing even after my time in Italy has ended.

    Hampton – Boston University


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