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    We’re coming up on the midway point of the Coastal Carolina University Maymester program! To mark the occasion, we asked some students to answer a few questions about their experience at the Accademia and in Italy thus far. We interviewed CCU students Rachel White, Dani Jesch, Skyler Arrasate, and Devann Donovan about everything from their reasons for choosing this program to their best experience in their travels. See what they said here!


    What interested you about this program?

    Rachel: I’ve studied abroad before, but in England, so I spoke the language. I was really interested in this program because it gave me an opportunity to visit and immerse myself in another culture while still in the familiar setting of school. I was also interested in it because of the trips to other cities around Arezzo like Rome and Florence to visit world renowned museums and awesome markets. I am a firm believer that when the opportunity presents itself to travel, you have to jump right on it, so this program was a no-brainer for me.




     What are your impressions of Italy so far?

     Dani: So far Italy has been such a cultural experience. The culture here is so rich and has so much  passion in all that the locals do! Everyone you talk to is so nice and helpful toward everyone in our group! Love it here!




    What do you think you will take home with you from this experience?

     Skyler: From this experience I think I will take home a better understanding of Italian  culture and life. Also I hope to bring home many different memories and life lessons, I feel like I learned a lot about traveling, especially in a different culture, where they speak a  different language.

    What is your favorite travel story so far?

    Devann: We went to Venice and it was beautiful and a long trip. Skylar fell on the train into another random couple and then when we got into the city, we were shocked by the beauty. We tried to get on the bus to our hotel but got on the wrong hotel and got LOST. Then we made it to the hotel and back to the city. We enjoyed Mcdonald’s and split our group. I found a Da Vinci museum and geeked out! Exhausted, we went home rushing through the rain and over EVERY bridge in the city!


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