• Meet MFA Cohort IV: Colby Ruth-Holden

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    To round out our series of blog posts introducing MFA Cohort IV, we are thrilled to present the reflections of Colby Ruth-Holden. Read on to learn more about Colby!

    Where are you from? What college/university did you attend?

    Colby Ruth-Holden

    Colby Ruth-HoldenWhere are you from? Where did you go to college / university and what did you study?

    I was born and raised in Coldwater, Mississippi. I went to school an hour’s drive away from my house at Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee, and majored in Theatre.

    How did you hear about the Accademia’s MFA in Physical Theatre?

    Rhodes College offered a scholarship for one student to go to the undergraduate program at Accademia, and I was accepted for the Spring 2013 semester. From there, I learned about the graduate program firsthand.

    What does “Physical Theatre” mean to you?

    Physical Theatre is a means of mastering every part of yourself as a tool for telling a story. Everything from your voice to your body to the space around you is a tool for you to use, and once you can master those, you can tell any story you want.

    What was the audition process like? 

    Being the only graduate program that I was applying for, I had little previous experience for the audition process. I had never done a video audition and actually felt a lot better about the personal audition than the video submission. All in all, the process was fun and exciting.

    What was your decision process that led you to choose the Accademia’s MFA in Physical Theatre?

    Late in my junior year, I realized that I might want some more tools in my bag of tricks before I decided to take on living as an artist and performer. It was then that I remembered that the Accademia had a MFA program. Meeting with a representative that came to Rhodes College and discussing options cemented the plan in my mind.

    What are your expectations for living in another country for 2-plus years?

    I hope that I can gain a better perspective on where I can fit in and manage myself in the world at large.


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