• Meet MFA Cohort V: Brandonn Christopher & Burton Weaver

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    Today we’re wrapping up our series of introductory interviews with MFA Cohort V with, last but not least, Brandonn and Burton! Read on to learn more about why they decided to come here to pursue an MFA in Physical Theatre.

    Brandonn Christopher

    Brandonn Christopher

    Where are you from?

    I was born in Georgia, but we moved around a lot, and mostly I grew up in Kentucky. I studied Theatre at Murray State University, and attained a BA there.

    What does ‘Physical Theatre’ mean to you?

    To me, Physical Theatre is utilizing the body in various ways and with various means to assist in the creation of both a character and a story. It’s a way of embodying our internal intentions.

    What was your decision process that led you to choose the Accademia’s MFA in Physical Theatre?

    The Accademia offered variety I’d never seen or heard of in any other program. The option to study abroad was tempting alone, but combined with the new fields of study, both physical and mental, that I’d yet to experience, it seemed to be the place I could best grow as an actor.

    What are your expectations for living in another country for 2-plus years?

    The cultural exchange seems kind of a given, and hopefully by the end of all this I’ll manage to do better that stunted, limping Italian. Mostly though, I want to experience a new perspective and experiment with how it can apply to my pursuit of theatre.

    What do you hope to accomplish during your time in the MFA program?

    I want to gain command of my instrument, my body, to such a degree that I can use it in whatever way I wish to create stronger, richer characters and theatrical ideas.

    Burton Weaver

    Burton Weaver

    Where are you from?  

    I am from the San Francisco Bay Area. I studied voice at Diablo Valley college, and went on to get my BA in Theatre (emphasis in Musical Theatre) from California State University, East Bay in Hayward.

    What was your decision process that led you to choose the Accademia’s MFA in Physical Theatre?

    My training is very heavy in voice, text, and music. I have very little training in movement and dance, so a program rooted in physicality will be very challenging, but beneficial to me in the grand scheme of things.

    What are your plans for after you complete the program? How do you expect the training and experience from the Accademia’s MFA in Physical Theatre to complement this?

    I may seek employment right away, to work on paying off my loans. I’m still unsure of where I want to live, though. Maybe I’ll get a temporary work situation and pursue finding a PhD program, but honestly I have no idea at this juncture. Most likely New York or Chicago, or go back to San Francisco.

    What was the audition process like? (How did it compare to other programs? Was it challenging? Exciting?)

    I really liked the aspect of collaboration. You hardly get to work your pieces with others while auditioning, in fact it was completely new to me. Theatre can seem so competitive at times, especially at auditions, so it was refreshing to all be rooting for and actively pursuing each other’s success instead of sitting in a corner and judging, internally focused.


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