• MFA at FLIC Scuola di Circo: Aerials, Lyra and Trapeze

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    High flying! High spinning! High climbing! These cohort members took to the sky for their specialization and studied aerial silks, the lyra or the trapeze. With the aid of FLIC teachers, in a short amount of time, they were taught everything from the basics like getting on the apparatus to the more challenging techniques and holds.

    Each cohort member has a different reason for being drawn to their specialization whether it is overcoming a fear or feeling comfortable on the device and as it gets closer to showtime they each are challenged to start piecing together what they learn to create their routine for the show.10492348_10100960758664306_374008756590949878_n.jpg



    Specialty: Aerials

    Any prior experience? Yes, I took some classes in New York and North Carolina and I’ll be assisting teaching aerials to kids this summer.

    What drew you to aerials? I have a fear of heights that I wanted to overcome.

    Favorite Trick: Knee hang


    Specialty: Trapeze

    Any prior experience: Yes

    What drew you to the trapeze? I thought it would be fun!

    Favorite Trick: La Sirena — the mermaid.



    Specialty: Trapeze

    Any prior experience? No

    Why did you pick the trapeze? Because I wanted to develop my upper body strength and it’s fun.

    Favorite Trick: Gazelle



    Specialty: Trapeze

    Any prior experience: No

    Why did you pick the trapeze? I chose it because I felt as if I could learn certain techniques that could transfer to other apparatus’. I also feel safe up there because I have something to stand on.

    Favorite Trick:  When I fall off the trapeze gracefully and land on the spongy mat.



    Specialty: Trapeze

    Any prior experience? No

    What drew you to the trapeze? I wanted to more partner/trapeze work and I found it was comfortable and easier for me then the other apparatus’’.

    Favorite Trick: Catcher Pose



    Specialty: Lyra/aerial hoop/ring

    Any prior experience? No

    Why did you pick the lyra? It felt better on my body and hurt less. I also felt like I could learn the most from it in the shortest amount of time.

    Favorite Trick: I really like to spin really fast while hanging from my shoulders.


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