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    A Few Spots Left for the Incoming MFA Cohort

     The Accademia’s incoming MFA cohort (beginning September 2015) is almost full, but we’re still accepting applications for the final few places.

     For more information visit the MFA website. For questions about applying contact mfa@dellarte.it.

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    The Final Stretch for the MFA Cohort

    The ADA’s MFA in Physical Theatre is a two-and-a-half year program that takes the cohort to Arezzo, Turin, Berlin and the Czech Republic. The first two years of the program are spent in residence in Arezzo, with a substantial residency at the end of year one with FLIC Scuola di Circo (FLIC Circus School) in Turin, Italy.

    The current cohort began in the fall of 2013 and just finished their second year. This means it’s time for them to say goodbye to Arezzo (at least for now). After a brief summer break, they return for the final stretch: a residency with Familie Flöz in Berlin before a grand conclusion with Continuo Theatre in the Czech Republic.

    As the finish line comes into view, a few of the MFA students talk about what they look forward to most:


     Jon Kellam on Berlin:

    Berlin is a large cosmopolitan city, obviously much larger than Arezzo and Torino where we have been training or have trained. Because of this I expect to encounter a burgeoning diversity of culture including art exhibitions, great theatre (can’t wait to see what’s playing at The Berliner Ensemble), architecture, and a rambunctious nightlife. As part of the nightlife we will experience we can be sure to encounter interesting culinary diversity. 

    So, instead of deciding what kind of pasta to make for dinner or which Tuscan/Aretino restaurant to dine in, we will have access to extensive German cuisine such as sausages and beer singular to German taste, and a much wider diversity of ethnic cuisine. There will probably be other summer fun things to explore as well, like parks and museums, historical landmarks, etc.

     I am particularly excited to be working with Familie Flöz! I have now seen two of their productions and their hybrid style of clown and full mask work intrigues me to no end. From the training and devising we will do I am sure I will take away a vast wealth of experience related to style and technique. The extensive mask-making workshops will enable us to create at least two masks that we will take home and I am looking forward to learning these techniques as well.

    I plan to see The Berliner Ensemble in addition to local smaller theatre and performing arts events, some good German ‘Gastshaus’ pubs and restaurants, street markets and festivals. I haven’t done much research yet into ‘what’s happening this summer’ in Berlin.

    Three things you are definitely packing in your suitcase?

    Mud boots, a warm sweater, a good water bottle.


    Sarah Taylor on Malovice, CZ:

    Any new experience presents an adventure and a challenge, so I’m expecting to have some really good stories to tell my friends and family back at home of my time with this company.

    There was always a sense of play when working with Continuo during the workshop we had at the end of the term. The work was extremely demanding in terms of endurance and focus, but as the saying goes, time flies when you’re having fun. I’m looking forward to the further play and discovery that will eventually become the devised piece that the cohort will tour with at the end of the semester.

    Three things you are definitely packing in your suitcase?

    Rain boots, my journal, and a stash of yarn for crocheting all the things during our down time (or lack thereof).

     Erica Tortolano on Life after the MFA: 

    Once I have my MFA I’m headed back to Los Angeles and will be  auditioning for film, television and musical theatre. I’m also looking to  expand my Gradlab. I would like to perform it in new venues, as well as  festivals. It is an absurdist piece that is very important to me. It merges  theatre with social change. I really believe that theatre is gratifying for  yourself, as a performer as well as an audience member, but can also  create positive change.
     After my studies here, I’m definitely more  interested in pursuing my vocal abilities as well as my interest in clown  and circus arts. I had a wonderful time exploring clown with André  Casaca and really loved my time at FLIC in Torino. I feel very strong as  a creator with a unique  theatrical style. I can’t wait to start making  more work! I spent most of my adult life in Europe and it has really  opened my eyes to the kind of person I could be. I am so thankful for  my experience here.

    To keep up with the current news at the ADA including weekly posts from current students, make sure to visit our ADALife Blog, undergraduate Facebook Page and MFA Facebook Page. You can also catch a sneak peak of students in and out of class on our YouTube channel.


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