• MFA Perspective: Welcome Dinner & Open Mic Spring 2013

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    Occasional dispatches from members of the MFA class of 2014
    by Chloe Stevenson Whiting

    Last night the entire ADA came together to get acquainted with the Spring 2013 undergraduate class that has come to the ADA.  As graduate students we get the pleasure of meeting many wonderful new faces every semester.

    Last night was a lot of fun.  The 8 of us went up to the accademia for a night of good food, nice company and the first open mic of the semester.  

    It is always such a pleasure to meet new people – share your ideas on art and discuss projects you’re currently working on.  It was exciting to meet the new theatre and dance students and swap ideas for possibly collaborating with them on new pieces that could come to light later on this semester.

    The open mic was a nice touch as well because it allowed students to show things that they were already in the process of working on – and gave more material to discuss later in the evening.  All in all the start to the semester is always an exciting time to meet people and get creative energy flowing!


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