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     blog photoIt’s our first full week of classes at the ADA! Our new group of Undergrad Physical Theatre and Dance students are beginning to be settled in. Below One Year Student Dara, Dance Student Nadia, and Physical Theatre Students Livia, and Jem express their excitement and goals for the semester!

    Dara Potts, Coastal Carolina University

    Back for round 2 at ADA this semester! As one of the four students here studying in the one-year physical theatre program I am so excited to be back! We had a crazy week, hit the ground running in classes, and are already very busy! Our main class currently is Physical Theatre and it has been a blast! In this week alone I already feel like I have learned so much so I can’t wait to see what the rest of the semester holds. It has been so great getting to know everyone and to be back in Arezzo. Here’s to another great semester 🙂

     Nadia Ureña, Muhlenberg College

    We have only been here for about a week but I feel as though I have learned and experienced so much already. It’s been so much fun and filled with pasta, pizza, and, of course, gelato. My goal for this semester is to absorb as much knowledge about dance styles outside of the ones I’m most comfortable. I’m really looking forward to learning Tanztheater and Butoh! I also hope to immerse myself with the people in town and improve my Italian.27153296_10213422126339487_1135032605_n

     Livia Chesley, Bennington College

    My goals for this semester at the Accademia are:

    To allow old habits to dissolve as I build new structures that facilitate my artistic and interpersonal growth.
    To learn about process in theater-making and refine my own methods to best allow for creative abundance and to celebrate each step taken.
    To learn how to choose authenticity over social acceptance by fine-tuning my ears to my inner truth and impulses to express.
    To learn about the way I move and the kind of work I want to create.
    To believe in my work and my journey.
    To uncover more truths about my larger role.


     Jem Oshins, Boston University

     I couldn’t help but smile as we took the bus from the airport to ADA. And I don’t think I stopped smiling since (except maybe during warmups with Nhandan—whoo!). The teachers are wonderful and so are the classes. Waking up every morning to a day full of physically and intellectually challenging, yet fun and insightful material has been amazing. The food is incredible and going into town is so cool. It’s wild to be able to walk around and see so much history every day. And every night, after a day full of training, playing and collaborating: another beautiful sunset fades away as stars begin to peak out one by one until Orion, Casseiopeia and more constellations are formed. After an amazing first week I can’t wait to see what else is in store for us here at ADA, but I know one thing for sure. There will be a lot of laughs, a lot of sweat and more beautiful sunsets to come.


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