• What is it like working with European Professors – Current Students Examine Their Studies at the ADA

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    Dance Performance

    Working with European teachers has been illuminating to my artistic development. Having been in training with only American teachers for the past three years, the training here in Arezzo has been illuminating to the universality of art. The dancers and the actors alike have discussed how despite sometimes having a language barrier in class,...

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    MFA Director Kevin Crawford at Muhlenberg College

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    Accademia’s MFA Director Kevin Crawford directs this semester in Allentown, Pennsylvania Bartholomew Fair Feb. 21-24 on Muhlenberg College stage Over the past several years, Muhlenberg College theater students have come to look forward to working with Kevin Crawford, a visiting professor from the Accademia dell’Arte in Arezzo, Italy.  This past semester, Crawford made the...

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    MFA Perspectives: Preparing Cabaret Performances

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    MFA Students Singing with Ukulele

    Occasional dispatches from the members of the MFA class of 2014. by Chloe Stevenson Whiting This semester we have been studying the importance of cabaret performance.  The MFA cohort is in the process of putting together our own performance production with the help of our instructor Paul. We spent several days devising pieces through...

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    MFA Perspective: Welcome Dinner & Open Mic Spring 2013

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    Occasional dispatches from members of the MFA class of 2014 by Chloe Stevenson Whiting Last night the entire ADA came together to get acquainted with the Spring 2013 undergraduate class that has come to the ADA.  As graduate students we get the pleasure of meeting many wonderful new faces every semester. Last night was a lot...

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    ADA Faculty to Attend International Commedia Conference

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    Commedia LineUp_chairs

    We are very excited to announce that Accademia Founder and School Director Scott McGehee along with Artistic Director Michele Bottini and Accademia guest faculty member Scott Putnam will be traveling to the International Conference on Commedia dell’Arte in Windsor, Ontario February 15-17, 2013. Scott and Michele are eager to meet fellow Commedia scholars, performers,...

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