• Break through moments: Current music and theatre students talk about moments that changed the way they look at art, the world and themselves

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    Sasha Waltz

    With the twin losses of my loving, supportive fraternity and a serious relationship, the conclusion of my sophomore year at Muhlenberg left me emotionally cratered. I performed my on-campus summer job as a walking vacancy: begging for fulfillment, yet unable to trust that any positive emotional anchor would outlive situations over which I had...

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    “The Journey of a Brown Girl”: Discussing Typhoon Yolanda Relief, Filipino Heritage and Empowering Pinay Womyn with ADA Alumna Jana Lynne Umipig

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    After the news of Typhoon Yolanda that overtook the Philippines last Friday, I thought it appropriate to post this interview earlier than anticipated. Jana Lynne Umipig is an Accademia Alumna of Filipino descent who has strived to bring awareness to the plight of Pinay Womyn and migrant workers in the Filipino community. Through her...

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    Current Music Students reflect on their time abroad

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    Blog picture 3

    On Italian Language This semester, more than ever before, I am learning to test the boundaries of myself. There are some people who throw caution to the wind when it comes to learning foreign languages. You know the type. They pick up a few grammatical rules quickly, and with a little vocabulary under their...

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    Traveling Europe: More Fall Break Experiences

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    London Bridge

    Over fall break, one of the cities I explored was Paris. It was a stunning city, but I found that one of the little sister towns hiding in its shadow was most fascinating. Every few blocks of Paris, you’ll find a glorious piece of architecture, probably ordained with its own specific, historical details. Present-day...

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    Working with European Professors: Current Students speak about how their art is informed through working with European Professors and studying abroad

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    contact improv fall 13

      I knew coming into this program that the class structure and instructors would be different. However I was not sure exactly how they would be different. The classes are by no means easier, but I come into the classroom with a sense of relaxation. Although I know that my classmates and I are...

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