• CrisisArt Festival 2013

    by  • July 3, 2013 • 1 Comment

    Our 2013 Collective Volunteers!

    The 2013 CrisisArt Festival begins today! Thanks to the hard work of this year’s Collective and Collective Volunteers we are ready to hit the ground running with presenters and participants from USA, Italy, Australia, The Netherlands, Scotland, England, South Africa, Greece, Brazil and Argentina. The festival begins today with a general welcome and symposium...

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    MFA Students Working with Familie Flöz in Berlin

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    Photo by Dan Plehal

    Our MFA students have spent the last 3 weeks in Berlin, studying and training with Familie Flöz ­ a Berlin-based theatre company which uses mask, acrobatics and physical comedy to create admirable and touching shows. Familie Flöz has been a company for 19 years and has performed in 27 countries. When our MFA students...

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    A Full Year At The ADA: Coastal Carolina Grad Richie Schiraldi talks about his year long experience and devising process in the final days at the Villa Godiola

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    Clown Town 2

    Being at the ADA for an entire school year was truly a blessing. Other than the MFAs, Caleb Murphy and I were the first to spend two semesters living and training at the villa. Our first semester was spent in the undergrad courses offered, while our second semester was a program that the three...

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    Inside Tuscany – 2013 Donors Trip

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    Accademia View through vines

    This fall we are thrilled to offer an exclusive Italian get-away for our cherished donors and supporters. Proceeds of the trip will go toward supporting scholarships offered to students of the Accademia dell’Arte. The trip dates are October 5-11, 2013. While staying in a private Tuscan Villa just outside of Arezzo, 80 KM south of Florence, participants will enjoy...

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    Meet our new Managing Director, Correne Spero

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    This spring, as long-time Managing Director Linda Brown prepares to retire, we welcome Correne Spero to the Accademia staff.  Correne brings a background in the performing arts and education as well as years of management experience with her to the role.  She brings a combination of business know-how and creative flair and we couldn’t...

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    Documenting The Dario Fo Project

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    Dario Fo and Michele Botinni

    This summer filmmaker Ian Issit will be joining us in Arezzo to begin work on a documentary film following the work of The Dario Fo Project. Over the course of the 3 year cycle Ian and his crew will follow the students, the faculty, and Fo himself as they work to explore the work...

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    Opera Nerd turned NYC Playwright: Catching up with ADA Alumnus Daniel John Kelley and getting the dish on his latest NYC production

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    Cycling fun

    Since his historic open mic performance at the Villa Godiola, Daniel John Kelley has been living and writing in New York City. He talks about his adventures opera house jumping and his newest project “Wall, Ball, Summer and Fall (a Coney Island adventure). When did you attend the Accademia? 2005 What did you study...

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    Masks, Thai Massage, Butoh, Oh my!

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    The Masks!

    Mask Making: Over the past two weeks, we have been creating our own masks for Commedia dell’Arte. We start with molding clay into a shape that we want for our mask. We then use the clay mold to create a plaster cast of the shape of our mask, which we then place leather over...

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    “Spring” Break! Time to discover Europe…

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    After many weeks of hard work and acclimating ourselves to our new Italian lifestyle, we shook things up a bit – SPRING BREAK! We all jet-setted off to different locations around Europe: Spain, France, the UK, Germany, and other parts of Italy (just to name a few!) Although for many of us it was...

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