• What courses/workshops have been the most unique from your home institution’s course material and why? How has this affected your art and the way you view art?

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    Joseph Ahmed (Theatre): The Accademia, more than any artistic community I’ve experienced, feels like a family.  Living together, eating together, and of course working together.  There’s a closeness between peers as well as between students and teachers that I’ve never experienced anywhere else. Back at school I might slog twenty minutes to a big...

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    Spring Break at the ADA

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    Simon Pringle-Wallace (Theatre) describes his experience and appreciation for spring break at the Accademia dell’Arte. “After many weeks of intensive training Spring Semester ADA students, with tired bodies and hearts full of wanderlust, set off on their 10-day-long break to conquer the continent of Europe and beyond. Far and wide students traveled to destinations...

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    What is it like working with European instructors? How is it different?

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    Working with European instructors has been refreshing and delightful. Although there is an occasional language barrier, it rarely affects communication within the classroom. Rather, it encourages the instructors to teach more through physicality, something not often found with American professors. The teaching philosophy here has been an enlightening perception shift. The professors encourage us...

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