• Student Profile: Sophie Goldstein, MFA

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    Sophie Goldstein is a member of the current class in the MFA in Physical Theatre Program at the Accademia. We had a chance to ask Sophie some questions about her experience prior to coming to ADA, her impressions of the program as she undertakes her 2nd year of study, and her goals and aspirations...

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    5 Students’ Views On Living Abroad

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    —- Collette Campbell I think what surprised me the most was the language barrier with the locals in town. I took 2 semesters of Italian last summer and remembered a little, but I think actually being immersed in the culture and hearing people talk to each other a million miles a minute was intimidating...

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    Expectations and Goals Fall 2012

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    Before our adventure in Italy began, I think everyone had some goals and expectations. We all had a list of places to travel, people to meet, wines to taste, and things to buy. I think perhaps the first lesson that we learned in Italy was that it wasn’t what we expected. As we stood...

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    Scuola Teatro Dimitri visits ADA

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    Last Wednesday, Villa Godiola received fifteen visitors from the Scuola Teatro Dimitri, which is located in the town of Verscio, in the southern Italian-speaking region of Switzerland. The Scuola Teatro Dimitri is currently touring its undergraduate program’s group thesis production, an adaptation of Dostoevskij’s short story “Bobok.” The Summer Arts Program students met the...

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    Intern Corner

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    Buon venerdì, ADA blog readers! My name is Geneviève, the summer intern for the Accademia dell’Arte, and blogmaster for the interim of the Summer Arts Program. I just finished the spring semester program at ADA in Physical Theatre, and I’ve been in Italy ever since, both traveling and at the Villa. I can’t believe...

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    Summer Arts Program: Week One

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    School is back in session at the Accademia dell’Arte! The Summer Arts Program 2012 team arrived on Monday and have been thrown into the whirlwind of Italian culture and life at the Villa. Here’s what this past week has looked like. Monday: Arrival day. The students arrived throughout the day from various departure points....

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    The Dancers Experience Butoh

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    Liv Berger (Dance): Recently, the dancers had the opportunity to experience a weeklong Butoh intensive. Butoh is a realm of performance that none of us have previously studied which made this already unique field even more foreign. We began the week by learning how to stand, walk, and most importantly see. Standing and walking...

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    What are your favorite things to do in Arezzo? What are your favorite places to go? How do these experiences affect your art?

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    Catherine Woodard (Theatre): I love going to Gianni’s family’s pastry shop on Sundays.  It is wonderful to enjoy a cappuccino made by him and indulge in a delicious cream filled pastry.  Afterwards I would go to Medici park and enjoy a good book sitting at a bench listening to the Sunday calm contentment. Lately since...

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    What courses/workshops have been the most unique from your home institution’s course material and why? How has this affected your art and the way you view art?

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    Joseph Ahmed (Theatre): The Accademia, more than any artistic community I’ve experienced, feels like a family.  Living together, eating together, and of course working together.  There’s a closeness between peers as well as between students and teachers that I’ve never experienced anywhere else. Back at school I might slog twenty minutes to a big...

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