• A Send-off for Kevin Crawford

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    A Send-off for Kevin Crawford At the end of this spring term, Kevin will be retiring. Anyone who has ever set foot through the doors of the Accademia dell’Arte knows Kevin Crawford. Even if you have never worked with him personally, the ADA is what it is today because of his impact. Kevin is...

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    Breakthrough Moments

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    This week’s bloggers physical theatre students Livia and Jem, dance student Nadia, and One Year Program student Dara, talk about some breakthrough moments for them this semester! Livia Chesley, Bennington College I have to describe two break-through experiences at ADA if I am to describe any. Both occurred in the same week. It was...

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    Reflections, Memories and What Comes Next: A Spring 2018 Newsletter

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     Reflections, Memories and What Comes Next: A Spring 2018 Newsletter There are only three weeks left in our Spring 2018 semester. The students have never been busier, putting together performances and working on projects from dusk ’til dawn. The finish line is in sight for the dancer students and physical theatre students but there’s no time...

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    You Don’t Know What You Got Till It’s Gone

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    This week’s ADALife Bloggers Oriene, Cat, Eddie, and Matt reflect on how much time there is left in their semester abroad and what they’ve been able to create while they’ve been here! Oreine Robinson, Boston University It’s kinda funny. We have less than a month left in the program (woah), and I’m just now...

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    Poems and Thoughts

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      This week’s bloggers Ryan, Theresa, Michela, and  Madison have written some poetry to reflect on their experiences in and outside of class at the ADA. Ryan Huemmer, Boston University L: Living in all three planes A: Action Drives B: Bound and Unbound Flow A: Accessing the totality of the Kinosphere N: Never stop moving in new...

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    Spring Break! Spring Break!

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    This past week was spring break for all of our students. All together they traveled to more than ten countries! Below Jessica, Rosalind, Flora, and Sarah share some stories from their adventures! Jessica Hayward, Muhlenberg College Spring break came as a wonderful relief after so many weeks of busy classes, but I’m now glad...

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    Arezzo in the Snow

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     This week Kiarra, Maggie, Jess, and Abigail talk about some exciting courses like mask making and training in Ljubljana, as well as reflecting on what their time here so far has taught them about themselves. Kiarra Donnelly, Coastal Caronlina University This week we arrived at our highly anticipated mask making unit. In Commedia class, we...

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    Advice and Adventures in Arezzo

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    Dance students Claire and Cait and One Year student Anna Rae share some recent adventures and pro tips about studying in Arezzo! Claire Sickinger, Bates College Learning in a Different Language Working with teachers whose first language is different than my own has been a very interesting experience. It’s eye opening how much of...

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    Tales of European Travels

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    This week we hear from Undergrad Physical Theatre Students Tim, Chloe,  and Julia and One Year Program Student Dalton! They are back from their long weekend, and share some reflections and excitement. Tim Janovsky, Muhlenberg College What’s surprised me most about living at the Accademia and in Italy is that anything is possible when you throw...

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    Stepping Into Spring: A Spring 2018 ADA Newsletter

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    Stepping Into Spring Our Spring 2018 undergraduate students have arrived and are already hard at work! This semester, twenty undergraduate Physical Theatre students, nine Dance students, and four students in the One Year Physical Theatre program will live together at Villa Godiola for a rigorous, creative, and transformative artistic experience. The first two weeks...

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