• Arezzo Sunrise

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      Below theatre student, Rebekah Dawn shares some reflections and insight about what it’s like to wake up with the Arezzo Sunrise. One of the most beautiful things about my time at ADA was awakening with the sunrise. The body memory class rose with the sun each day to prepare their bodies, minds, and...

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    Cirque Clown Performance with Stefan Haves and Jon Kellam

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    One of the final intensives in our Summer Physical Theatre Program was the Cirque and Clown Performance intensive co-taught by Stefan Haves and Jon Kellam.   Stefan Haves is an acclaimed director, creator and producer of Circus, theater and film whose creations have appeared on stages, festivals, and screens across the globe. His work has...

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    Tanztheater with Mark Sieczkarek

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    For the final intensive of our month long summer dance program our students worked with Mark Sieczkarek on Tanztheater.   Mark Sieczkarek was born in 1962 in Inverness, Scotland and studied from 1973 until 1981 at the Royal Ballet School in London. Following his studies, he received an engagement as a dancer with Scapino Ballet...

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    Body Memory with Dénes Döbrei

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    For their final intensive some of our theatre students have been working with Dénes Döbrei in Body Memory. Dénes Döbrei is a lecturer at the University of Novi Sad Theatre Academy (Serbia) and an instructor at the LEDA Theatre School (Toulouse, France) and Theatre de l’Acte (Toulouse, France). He has served as Artistic Director for...

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    Secrets Revealed in Site-Specific Work Part 2

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      Below Rebekah Dawn shares her thoughts on the second site-specific performance we’ve seen this summer: The Devising Grid. Picking up from the post, the amazing thing about having site specific performances at the Villa Godiola is the potential they have to speak more deeply to the students. Living and training on site with...

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    Contact Improv with Thomas Kampe

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    Our dance students spent the third  week of their intensive with Thomas Kampe working on Feldenkrais and Contact improv.   Thomas Kampe (PhD) lives in London and trained as a dancer at Laban centre and at Middlesex University, UK. He has worked internationally as performer, performance-maker and educator for more than 30 years. Choreographic collaborations...

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    Secrets Revealed in Site-Specific Work Part 1

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    Both the dancer’s C.OR.E working demonstration and the theatre students, Devising Grid working demonstration lead the audience through a traveling performance that took place all over the villa! Below  theatre student, Rebekah Dawn, shares her thoughts on the dancer’s C.O.R.E performance. Check back in later this week to read about the devising performance.   Secrets Revealed in Site...

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    2018 Summer Intensives: An Accademia dell’Arte Newsletter

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    2018 Summer Intensives: An Accademia dell’Arte Newsletter It is an exciting time here at the Accademia dell’Arte! The Villa is full of young artists soaking up every ounce of knowledge from visiting faculty and from the other students in the cohort. Summer Intensive Programs at the ADA are an opportunity for the students in...

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    Collaborative Dance with Nomad Dance Academy

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      For their second week of Intensives, the dancers worked with Dragana Alfirevic, Dejan Srhoj, and Rok Vevar from the Nomad Dance Academy in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Dragana Alfirevic is a cultural worker in the field of dance. She is curator, teacher, performer and writer. She is co-founder of Nomad Dance Academy and curator and producer of...

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