• Spring Break!

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    Blog 2

    This week’s bloggers talk about spring break travel adventures and mid-semester feelings. Kristen Corless, Muhlenberg College Semester Physical Theatre Program          At the age of eleven, I sat in my first Italian language class. I instantly took to the language, enjoying every new word. In a way, it was like opening...

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    New Year, New Us: an Accademia dell’Arte Newsletter

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    New Year, New Us: an Accademia dell’arte Newsletter  Thanks for checking out the first newsletter of the Spring 2019 semester. We are one month into the semester and the spirit of collaboration is in the air. The villa is filled with students from thirteen different universities, who are participating in one of three different...

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    Trips and Travels

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    This week’s ADALife Bloggers tell us about their weekend travels over their four day weekend! Alison Bashford, Muhlenberg College Dance Program As I write this, I am sitting in the Florence airport anxiously waiting to board my flight to Copenhagen and my first flight alone. As I see the nervous, tired, excited travelers around...

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    Discoveries Everywhere

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    This week we hear from Kendra, Ellie, Julie, and Emma! Kendra Weingast, Muhlenberg College Semester Phyiscal Theatre Program Washington, D.C. to Arezzo, Italy… Things You Didn’t Prepare to be Different 1) Eggs Yolks Here are Orange We’re unsure why, but hoping it means the chickens are healthier. 2) Breakfast Food as a Whole Just...

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    Settled Into Our New Home

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      This week’s bloggers Kerry, Caitlin, Sof, and Katie share some of the week’s adventures. Kerry Gallagher, Muhlenberg College Physical Theatre Program Ever since I arrived in Italy, it’s felt as though I was still in the states, it hadn’t quite hit me yet that I was abroad. But everything changed this weekend in...

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    Adjusting with Excitement

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    In the first ADALife Blog post of the semester we hear from Erika (one year physical theatre student), Kayleigh (dance student) and Mose and Georgie (semester physical theatre students) after finishing one week of their semester. Erika Davis, Coastal Carolina University One Year Physical Theatre Program After a month and a half of traveling the...

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    I Left My Heart in Arezzo

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    For the final week of the semester physical theatre students Kat, Jake, and Colin and One Year Program student Erika share what they’re thinking as the fall semester comes to a close.   Kat Mcguire, Muhlenberg College Priceless memories Friendships I would never trade I now know who I am   Jake Botelho, Muhlenberg...

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    Time to Reflect

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    This week Olivia, MaryKate, Laura, Brandt, and Sean reflect on their time at the ADA and offer some advice and discoveries to future students. Olivia Tyndall, Muhlenberg College I’m already starting to think of Arezzo as a memory. We have 10 days left, yet my experiences are well on their way to becoming epics...

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    Playground of Expression

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    image (2)

    This week Peyton, Ben, Michael, Maris, and Emma share some of their favorite memories and experiences from the semester! Peyton Smith, Coastal Carolina University Though we are reaching the tragic end of the semester, some of the most exciting things have happened in these last few weeks. Italian was everyones first final, filling the...

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