• Semester Highlights: What Will You Miss?

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    We can’t believe it, but there’s only one week remaining of the fall 2016 semester! We have loved watching our students grow and discover every day. This week, our ADALife bloggers are reflecting on what they will miss most about the ADA, their time in Italy, and life at the Villa Godiola. Read below to hear from Sarah, Erin and Ben, and to see some beautiful photos by Seamus!

    Sarah Mitchler: Physical Theatre, Muhlenberg College PA

    20 Things I will miss about the Accademia:

    1. Waking up with the town bells on Saturdays
    2. Being gently chided by Monica
    3. Mornings that we get eggs for breakfast
    4. Afternoons when the town is swallowed in fog
    5. The hammock
    6. Following the sun as it descends on the olive trees
    7. Mouthing “ciao” to Maria on the way to the Teatrino
    8. Waiting in line for the Mensa
    9. Stealing pillows from the living room couches
    10. Smiling every time Dory passes
    11. Using the bathroom with three sinks
    12. Getting caught in the rain on the way back to the Villa
    13. Vigilantly watching out the window during lightning storms
    14. Hugging Kristen
    15. Yoga with Nhandan
    16. Walking to PAM
    17. Buying espresso from the vending machine
    18. Towel and Linen exchanges
    19. Celebrating birthdays with friends and tiramisu
    20. Creating and experiencing beautiful art with this wonderful new family
    Photo by Seamus Good

    Photo by Seamus Good

    Erin Paxton: Coastal Carolina University, SC

    The thing I will miss the most about Italy is the architecture. Walking through Arezzo, or a bigger city like Florence, you can never really tell how old the buildings are. Coming from a country where our oldest structures are around 200 years old, the buildings and ruins here seem so ancient and mysterious. Even all the finer details- the windowsills, the ceilings, and the trimming around the building itself- are so intricate and beautiful. The contrast of our modern world and the history behind the cities is so beautiful, and it never gets old.

    Pictured: Drew Maidment dressed as ADA founding director Scott McGehee Photo by Seamus Good

    Pictured: Drew Maidment dressed as ADA founding director Scott McGehee
    Photo by Seamus Good

    Ben Southerland: Coastal Carolina University, SC

    The thing that I will miss most about Italy and the Villa Godiola is the seamless flow of personal life and class life. All of our classes are in the same building that we eat, sleep, and live our lives. We work where we live, and live where we work.


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