• Student Stories: Favorite Places and Events In and Around the ADA

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    Some of my absolute favorite things that happen at the Accademia are the open mics/cabarets. They are awesome events where the any of the students/professors can gather together and perform acts of their design which are then all strung into one big plot. It’s so much fun to see what people come up with and how they choose to display their talent – we’ve experienced hysterical clown acts, dance improvisation, dramatic readings, operatic arias, funny stories about middle school, slam poetry, technical discussions, you name it! And the whole show is accompanied by an “improv-orchestra” of student volunteers who play literally whatever they have. There’s so much talent it’s disgusting. It’s so cool to see my friends perform something that is often not what they are specifically studying here at school. There’s no distinction between music student or theatre student, undergrad or graduate, teacher or student – it’s just a sanctuary of creativity. And there are endless amounts of support from both the student and faculty bodies, as everyone rallies together, often talking days in advance about how excited they are, to perform as well as to spectate.

    AREZZOLETSGO: Obviously the best places to go in Arezzo.

    • Cafe del Teatro/Cafe Stefano – cheap cappuccinos and delicious pastries, both awesome places to catch up on some studying or practice Italian with the owners (they are so nice!)
    • L’Antica Maniera Gelateria – the hands down BEST gelato place. a little pricier but the stuff is handmade every day and the nutella mixed with chocolato fondente…ohmahgah
    • Pizzeria del Corso – thick-crust pizza that is out-of-this-world delicous and cheap! my roommate and I have been there every Sunday since we arrived at the Accademia…the sauce is sweeter than typical American pizza and you can easily make a meal out of two slices –¬†wow everything is about food…okay!
    • oh RIGHT – there is a little park down to the left of the Accademia, before you reach town, near the grocery store Pam. I go running there alot and it is wonderful. There are clear paths and often other people there just hanging out. It’s definitely a good break.
    – Grace Bernardo


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