• What is it like working with European Professors – Current Students Examine Their Studies at the ADA

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    Dance Performance

    Working with European teachers has been illuminating to my artistic development. Having been in training with only American teachers for the past three years, the training here in Arezzo has been illuminating to the universality of art. The dancers and the actors alike have discussed how despite sometimes having a language barrier in class, we’ve been able to communicate with our teachers through movement and actions rather than just words. It forces us as students to continue to work and try things to be in conversation with our teacher rather than actually have a simple verbal conversation. Our European teachers also use a different vocabulary than we usually do, which sheds a new light on the movement or action quality. The dance students have a ballet teacher who only speaks Italian, but many dancers have mentioned how easy it is to speak the language of ballet in the class rather than one specific language. It is also nice to feel completely comfortable to explore all emotions in class. The teachers here have established an amazing atmosphere that anything is safe even if we are pushed and caught off guard by our own personal life experiences. These instances are completely welcome and allow for deeper understand of ourselves and the opportunity to find more ways to access parts of ourselves in a theatrical setting. The European teachers here have been wonderful and it is great to see the artistic growth in myself and in my classmates.

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