• When anything is possible, what do you do?

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     This week our bloggers reflect on moments they’ve had and what they’re realizing about themselves in this program as the semester heads into it’s second half.

     Meghan Coyle, Muhlenberg College
    Semester Physical Theatre Program
    meghan blog
    We’ve recently hit the halfway mark here in our semester at the Accademia dell’Arte; these past six (?) weeks have gone by with a blink of the eye. Upon realizing the lack of time left here in Arezzo, I’ve found myself taking spontaneous trips, taking more risks, and reaching out to friends I have yet to know more about.
    One of the coolest things that has happened, now that I’m halfway through the semester is realizing how comfortable I am in Arezzo and when I’m traveling, even by myself. In such a short amount of time, I’ve noticed immense growth within, and I am even more keen on putting myself out of my comfort zone. Yesterday, I took a very spontaneous day-trip ~by myself~ to Orvieto, and while I was only slightly terrified and my Italian is still at a below average level, it was an incredible experience exploring a new part of Italy I had never seen before.

    meghan blog 2

    woah we’re halfway there

    wooaaa OHHH livin in the mask

    take my hand we’ll do some Commedia

    woooaaAOOHH at the accademia!






    Ivan Jermyn, Coastal Carolina University

    One Year Physical Theatre Program

    I sit here waiting for Italian to start, hoping I remember the correct verb conjugations and tenses. The students here have come back from break hopefully rested and newly inspired, but I am surrounded by friends desperately trying to sign up for classes back in the states. It is the second week coming back from Spring break and our world is getting more complicated. For the year long students, only one quarter of our full time here remains. The place that we’ve grown accustomed to and have called a home for so long will not always be there for us. And that reality is sinking in as the weeks go by. The one year program has started rehearsals leading towards our final show. This means long hours cooped up in the studio with nothing but our imagination to hold us accountable. Hopefully we have developed enough of a process during the year that we can utilize with our own creative views. However, with this freedom brings frustrations; When anything is possible, what do you do? An important part of ensemble creation is the ability to sacrifice personal visions for the betterment of the group. I know that we have so much potential within all of us and I am excited to see where it will bring this rehearsal process. So as I sit here trying to wrap my head around a new language, nervous about an upcoming quiz, I am comforted in the time we’ve spent here, and for the following trials. I know that the road ahead will be tough, but will be remembered for the rest of my life.

    Lucy Purnine, Vassar College

    Semester Physical Theatre Program

    Goals are hard. When I started thinking about my goals for this program back in January, my main one was to figure out what my goals actually were. Now, at the halfway point, I don’t know that I’m any closer to discovering them. At the same time, though, I’ve found a kind of peace within that uncertainty, and while I don’t currently have stated goals, I have found a sense of direction and drive that serves a similar purpose. In classes, I am being given so much information and having so many new experiences that I find my goals and worldview shifting even from one day to the next.

    So instead, I’m developing my ability to recognize moments when I feel fully present and engaged with the work in front of me. I’ve found that these can arrive when I feel that I am doing well in class (such as in our movement training and improv sessions), or when I feel that I’m doing terribly, (as in the Commedia scenario that was “Welcome to Zanni’s”). They also can show up outside of class, in evening juggling sessions, or while playing Go Fish on a Friday night. While I don’t know exactly what I want to accomplish in the next six weeks, I do know that I want to be present, ready to absorb whatever amazing and unexpected experiences that are still to come.

    Elise Miwa, Muhlenberg College

    Dance Program

    Life at the Accademia (so far)

    1 – Relaxing in the living room before bed

    2 – Enjoying the view from the Teatrino roof
    3 – Card games in the Limonaia
    4 – Beautiful sunset over Arezzo
    5 – One Year students on the Teatrino roof
    6 – Playing in the Sala Danza windows during studio time
    7 – Doing homework in the living room between classes
    8 – Working with Giorgio in Dance Perfromance

    9 – Playing Tombola and enjoying the weather during lunch



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