• Advice and Adventures in Arezzo

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    Dance students Claire and Cait and One Year student Anna Rae share some recent adventures and pro tips about studying in Arezzo!

    Claire Sickinger, Bates College

    Learning in a Different Language

    Working with teachers whose first language is different than my own has been a very interesting experience. It’s eye opening how much of our communication, especially in a dance class, does not occur verbally. Sometimes our classes will be partially in English, partially in Italian, but somehow it all makes sense. When the focus is on the movement of the body, sometimes the words don’t really matter. The tone of voice, a physical demonstration, a facial expression, or a sound made with the voice can often get a message across just as easily as words. Once in a while, google translate come in handy if there is a very specific point a teacher wants to make, but for the most part, we can get by using our intuition and other forms of communication. It’s always exciting when a teacher says something in Italian and we understand it because we learned it in our Italian language class! We also get to learn new words and phrases to supplement our textbook Italian learning. Ironically, in philosophy this week we are discussing a work about the philosophy of language. The author argues that the word is the sign that is most important to study. I think he should come observe one of our dance classes- so much social intercourse occurs, even in complete silence.


    Caitlin Kraemer, Muhlenberg College

    Ten Things to Do During a Rainy Weekend in Arezzo!

    – Student tested, Student Recommended-

    1. Sleep in! The week is always packed with early warm ups and rigorous classes, indulge in the simple joy of setting the alarm for a little bit later.
    2. Grab a morning cappuccino and pastry in town! Eda’s Bakery and Pantificio Fratelli Pierozzi by the train station seem to be standing among the top choices of students.
    3. Take time to enjoy the rain! One student recommends an early morning walk through Arezzo to enjoy the countryside.
    4. Indulge in an afternoon nap or Netflix session! Nothing is better than falling asleep to the sound of gently rainfall on the villa roof as your favorite movie or series is playing in the background.
    5. Catch up on journaling! Journaling is a great way to document all of your adventures and experiences while abroad, so what better way to unwind over an afternoon than creating a collection of memories you will cherish for a lifetime!
    6. Coffee shop hop! There are so many great cafes in town, you are bound to find the right spot for you, or even try a few! (Pro-tip: Carlo was a new discovery for this weekend, and they sported some great coffee-drinks on their menu as well as some great gelato flavors. Try the Extra-virgin olive oil flavor!)
    7. Retail therapy! Arezzo is also home to a ton of great shops and retail stores! Why not give your wardrobe a bit of a boost when you have the time over the weekend? Fitting everything in your suitcase is an end of the semester problem!
    8. When in doubt, face-mask it out! There is hardly a better way to finish out a weekend night than with a luxurious face mask of your choosing. (Plus, having to stay relatively still for a half hour is the perfect reason to get a head start on that philosophy reading that has definitely been put off!)
    9. Go see aSundayafternoon show! This weekend we were able to see a dance performance at Teatro Mecenate. It’s always worth looking into available local performances!
    10. Enjoy! The semester seems to be moving faster and faster, so definitely take time to enjoy Arezzo and those who share this experience. Being at this villa with this group of individuals will only happen once in this moment of our lifetimes, so it’s definitely worth cherishing it all, even the rainy days.

    Anna Rae Lutz, Marymount Manhattan College

    This week, the One Year Students had a clown intensive with Enrico Vezzelli. It was wonderful
    to study with someone who so fully understands how to teach clown in a supportive and caring
    environment. The five of us in the class each worked on something that was special to our
    clown, and at the end of the four days, there was a showcase for the rest of the Accademia. We
    also worked with Enrico’s fabulous translator/assistant, Sarah. She was really helpful in not only
    translating the language, but explaining the specific exercises to us. Overall, it was a terrific
    week, and I’m so glad we were able to explore our clown!




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