• ATL- Arezzo!

    by  • February 3, 2023 • Uncategorized • 0 Comments

    Ciao! My past 10 days in Italy have felt like both six months month and six minutes. I have overcome many of my anxieties about getting out of my shell, solo traveling, making friends, getting assigned a random roommate, speaking conversational Italian, improvising physical theater, long-class hours, waking up early, and working the laundry machine. However, I am still a bit worried about the wild boars!

    Accademia’s focus on exploring yourself and individuality is a breath of fresh air after coming from a work-heavy liberal arts education. I am getting to know myself, overcoming my fear of “looking stupid” while performing and learning to trust my instincts. I have fallen in love with the Villa sunsets, Mensa food, espresso with biscotti cookies, and Arezzo! I am so excited to explore the antique market, Roman Amphitheater, the Medici Fortress, the National Museum of Medieval and Modern Art, etc. etc. 

    Ci vediamo



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