• Beyond the Comfort Zone: Personal Growth Stories

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    If we stay inside of what is comfortable and familiar, we will never grow. That, among many other life lessons, is what we hope our students will take away from their study abroad experience at the ADA. This week, ADALife bloggers Emily and Renelle are reflecting on which steps they took outside their comfort zones that incited the most personal, artistic, or academic growth. Read on to see what they had to say!

    image3 (1)Emily Berridge: Dance, Muhlenberg College PA

    A couple weeks ago I went on a day trip to Bologna by myself. It’s the first time I’ve really traveled alone, and I didn’t plan anything before I got there. I just wandered around for the day, happening upon several cute book shops, a large outdoor market, a music store…and I managed not to get lost! Sitting in a park that afternoon, I realized how much more confident I’ve become over the course of this semester.

    Renelle Wilson: Physical Theatre, Boston University MAIMG_4266

    The biggest step outside of my comfort zone that I’ve taken this semester would without a doubt have to be the trip I took by myself to Genova during spring break. The idea of traveling has always given me a lot of anxiety, but I’ve been so interested in the concept of getting out and seeing more for myself that I knew a trip alone was something I had to at least attempt. And I’m so glad I conquered that fear. I summoned up all my courage, booked trains that would later be missed and rebooked, and AirBnb’s that I’d later have the hardest time finding. But no matter the tribulations that happened to me during that trip, the petals outweigh the thorns. Genova will always hold a special place in my heart.





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