• What is it like working with European instructors? How is it different?

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    Working with European instructors has been refreshing and delightful. Although there is an occasional language barrier, it rarely affects communication within the classroom. Rather, it encourages the instructors to teach more through physicality, something not often found with American professors. The teaching philosophy here has been an enlightening perception shift. The professors encourage us to reach our individual conclusions and meanings for the different exercises we do in class. It’s never about getting “the right answer” but understanding the process. There is also an emphasis on telling a story or expressing relatable emotions, instead of solely relying on technique.


    Some class highlights from current ADA students:

    Sophie K. (Dance): One highlight from the past four weeks has been taking Afro-Brazilian and Capoeira movement, styles that I’ve never previously had the opportunity to explore.

    Roy R. (Theatre): Doing a headstand successfully. Or pretty much any class with Claudia Schnürer.

    Awesta Z. (Theatre): One highlight for me has been comingling with students from the other tracks at the ADA. So far we’ve been able to collaborate in movement and contact improvisation classes. It was not only fun, but informative to be able to see how the dancers move and how we all dance in relation to each other.


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