• Fall Break 2021: A Moment to Log

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    In this ADA life blog, physical theatre students Corin, Eliza and Sydney talk about the experiences that shaped their fall break. Read to hear all about how they spent their week off!

    Corin Wiggins, Coastal Carolina University

    One Year Physical Theatre Program

    This week we had our Fall Break. I traveled with two others down the boot into Sicily. The trip was, largely, a massive success and I highly recommend these activities, if you ever get the chance.

    • Hike the Path of the Gods on the Amalfi Coast. Just go to the Amalfi Coast in general. 
    • Go to the top of Vesuvius, the volcano that overlooks Pompeii. The views are stunning. 
    • If for some reason you find yourself in Agrigento, a town in Sicily, I highly recommend Osteria Ex Panifico for an excellent dinner. 
    • Etna, another volcano that overlooks Catania, is massive, incredibly interesting, and houses many activates. 
    • Watching an Italian opera at Teatro di San Carlo in Naples was a great experience. For the record, they do have subtitles in English. 

    Eliza Turner, Coastal Carolina University

    One Year Physical Theatre Program

    Embracing Change 

    My fall break did not go as planned, but ended up being exactly what I needed. My cousin Mary is currently on a Fulbright teaching English in Serbia (she’s so cool) and so we planned for me to go and see her for fall break and stay with her in an airbnb in Belgrade for the first part of the week and then her apartment for the second half. I am very close with her and was so excited to see her, but when I arrived at the Rome airport the first Saturday morning of break I was told some unfortunate news. Apparently, Serbia is one of the few countries that does not see the CDC vaccination card as a valid source to enter their country. They require the PCR test which is a 24 hour result test. I had already checked in through the airline app and received my boarding pass because it told me that this was not necessary since I had my CDC card. After many tears and hours of talking with the airline to try and find a different flight that day, I decided to come back to Arezzo because it just was not possible to get the test results in time. 

    Since I still wanted to see her, she mentioned coming to Arezzo because she had been wanting to do that as well, but because it was so last minute she was not allowed to stay at the villa. So, I ended up spending my break at the villa for the week. The funny thing though is that a part of me was relieved. We have been working so hard and traveling so much on the weekends that I genuinely didn’t feel like I had slowed down to process where I was living yet. I am so grateful that it worked out the way it did in all honesty because I finally got to do exactly that. Rest. Thankfully I wasn’t alone, Zach was here too so we had a nice time relaxing. However, because I got so much downtime I’m really happy classes have started again and all the other

    students are back because that is what makes ADA so amazing. I was reminded that when things go a different way than you plan the best thing you can do is embrace it. I chose to embrace it and take advantage of it and that ended up being very rewarding for me in the end.

    Sydney Zarlengo, Mount Holyoke College

    Semester Physical Theatre Program

    I thought I’d write something deep 

    For this nice little blog 

    But I thought it was best 

    If I didn’t monologue 

    So instead here’s a photo, 

    A moment to log 

    Of the day I got gelato… 

    And was handed a dog 



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