• Fleatown Part IV: MFA Performance

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    On Sunday May 4th, as the monthly antique fair was being held in Arezzo, the MFA cohort debuted our devised project, Fleatown, for the people at the market. In the end, the show lasted roughly 50 minutes and culminated our work in the 2nd semester. I was able to catch up with several of the MFA students to get their feedback about the show, and here is what they had to say:

    How do you think your involvement with Fleatown will influence future work?
    Erica Tortolano: I have learned a lot about my own personal style and strengths as a performer. It has given me a chance to remember my interests and the direction I am headed.
    What inspirations did you draw from in creating the character?
    Matt Draznik: Personally, the innocence of my character is what drove the creation of him, and forcing himself to act as Don Giovanni was fun as well. THough there was only one performace in from of an ‘official’ audience, the success of the show lifted the hopes of the ensemble and confidence that we can make a show in so short a time.
    What was the highlight of the show for you?
    Erica: I really enjoyed having people stop by to watch our rehearsals when we were in the performance space. It added a wonderful energy and really gave us a feel for street theatre and the show we were trying to create.
    What one line from Fleatown would sum-up your character?
    Jon Kellam: Uno spettacolo ricostruzione della opera di…
    What inspirations did you draw from in creating the character?
    Cassandra Moselle: I was asked to think of my character as a flirty, witchy cook and the first thing I thought of was Sarah Jessica Parker’s character from Hocus Pocus mixed with Mirandola, a character from Carlo Goldoni’s “The Mistress of the Inn”.
    What inspirations did you draw from in crating the character?
    Erica: My inspirations were Patti LuPone, the Queen of Hearts form Alice in Wonderland, and gargoyles.
    Fleatown might be over, but we still have one more adventure left together before summer break: 5 weeks in Torino to study circus skills at FLIC.



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