• Goals for this Semester: Three students talk about their goals and dreams

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    Hi my name is Selima Smith-Dell and I am a junior acting major at Boston University.  Accademia dell’ Arte is already beginning to feel like home. I don’t know if it’s the warm spirit of its citizens or the breathtaking view and clean air but there is something magical about this place. It is exactly what I need right now in terms of my development as an actress and as a person. Both of which are intertwined and directly connected to one another.

    I believe that the greatest artists are those that have learned that their greatest instrument in their work is their own life. The experiences that we have and the people that we encounter are the very things we bring to our artistry when it is time to work. We can certainly tell stories of experiences we have never had but to tell stories of the experiences we have had are much richer because no one can tell our story the way can with as much candor and vividness.

    I came here to study theater but also to learn what it is like to live a life rich with beauty. Arezzo and the Accademia have already proved themselves to be places where I feel that I can replenish my soul revive my spirit and reunite with my childlike curiosity and sense of play. I normally live my life guided by a set of goals that seem to loom over me of what I want to do or what I want to achieve but here I feel at peace with myself and that just being is enough.

    My only goals here are to live in the present moment and allow myself to live life fully…to enjoy the delicacy of the food here and the beauty of the mountains. Which is huge for me as someone who normally has many goals for themselves about where I see myself in ten years or the kind of person I want to be in 5 years. I often feel like I have my head in the clouds. I am a dreamer. However I want to be a dreamer who’s dreams are inhabited in the present moment. I want my life to be the dreams I dream.

    – Selima Smith-Dell


    My goals for the semester are to grow as an artist and to learn from this new culture and the wonderful people of Italy. At the end of this semester, I see myself leaving with a better idea of who I am as an artist and what my artistic vision is. Being in this very supportive community and learning from all these artists around me will help me achieve this goal.

    My goals for the semester include: Doing a handstand, eating loads of amazing food, gaining a wider range of skills to communicate, and “makin’ fraaaands”. I will accomplish these goals through a lot of confidence and hard work, and many trips to many different places. I hope to look back at the end of this experience having grown as a human being and as an artist.

    – Krista DeVellis


    My goals are to graduate from college as well as have pieces that I can use to audition with and use in street performances. I will accomplish these goals by working hard and listening to my teachers. The Accademia is very good at helping people with these goals.

    – Caleb Murphy

    Caleb and Richie showcase their juggling duo at the first open mic!


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