• I Left My Heart in Arezzo

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    For the final week of the semester physical theatre students Kat, Jake, and Colin and One Year Program student Erika share what they’re thinking as the fall semester comes to a close.


    Kat Mcguire, Muhlenberg College

    Priceless memories
    Friendships I would never trade
    I now know who I am


    Jake Botelho, Muhlenberg College 

    This has been my first trip to Europe, and even though it’s so vastly different from America I really do feel like I have a home here at the Accademia. The past 3 months have been filled with classes, rehearsals, and adventures in town and around Europe. I knew that I wanted to come to Arezzo ever since I was a first semester freshman at Berg. To anybody who is even a little bit drawn to this program: do it. You really won’t regret it! The experiences you’ll have will change you for the rest of your life, and the bonds you’ll form with people here will last forever.


    Erika Davis, Coastal Carolina University

    I came into this program in September with bright eyes, an open mind, and a freshly shaved head. A lot can happen in three months—that’s a given, but it’s all I can think about in our last week of the semester.
    This semester I’ve learned how to hold myself accountable—how to get myself out of bed in the morning when I just don’t want to. My body aches, but it excites me. The aches are proof of the work we do, and that’s why I’m here. This place and this training has enforced the fact that I love what I do, and that I’m supposed to be here doing it. The relationships I’ve made feel like they’ve existed for years. Every time I remember I’ve only known these people so deeply for three months, it’s like a shock to the system. This place allowed us to see the deepest parts of each other, whether we wanted to share or not. I will never forget that.
    On Wednesday I leave to go to the Philippines for the holidays. I get to see my mom and extended family—not exactly going home, but it’ll still be nice to find comfort in family. I’ll miss the 24 hour studio access and friends coming into my room unannounced to lay on my rug. I won’t miss the bruises on my knees. I’m thrilled to be coming back for another semester of training at the end of January—I honestly don’t know how I’d be sane if I was leaving this place and training forever this week.
    My bright eyes are still there. My mind has been packed tight with tools and experiences and information, and somehow keeps opening up for more. I shaved my mohawk off. How interesting it is to come full circle.


    Colin Hauck, Muhlenberg College

    Hey! Are you considering/attending the Academia Dell’Arte for an upcoming semester? If you are then get ready for the most inspiring, creative, beautiful, hilarious, sweaty, and incredible semester ever! I know that leaving home to spend a couple months in Italy is scary (trust me, I was there) but to ease your fears, here’s a list of the best things about ADA, Arezzo, Italy, and Europe!
    (in no particular order)
    1. The amazing professors and faculty
    2. The food
    3. The view from the roof of the Teatrino
    4. The friends and collaborators you surround yourself with
    5. The walk into town
    7. Exploring Italy
    8. Exploring the world (I would recommend Copenhagen!)
    9. Commedia, voice, movement and all the other fun and engaging classes we take
    10. The sunset (see #3)
    Here are just 10 things but I’m pretty sure I could make a list of about 100! If you have any doubts talk to someone who has gone and they’ll probably talk for a full hour about how great this place is. DO IT COME TO ADA YOU’LL LOVE IT!!!!!!!


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