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    This week was a sad reminder that I won’t be in Italy forever. But it also helped me remember to really cherish the present and the people around me. I have felt extremely connected to my community at the Accademia. I have been enjoying every moment of friendship and relishing on the connections I’ve made here. I feel so uplifted by the people and their spirits here that I allow myself to take more risks in class. I don’t think I’ve ever pushed myself harder than I have this past week because I wasn’t afraid to fail or push myself past what I thought my boundaries were. 

    I’m not only being supported but I’m also inspired by everyone here as well. I’m inspired by the dancers because they remind me that I can go further, deeper, and I can allow myself to truly free myself and feel connected to the music. I am inspired by my physical theatre friends, who bring out different parts of my artistic and emotional self. They challenge me to think and move in different ways than I’m used to and to try new things regardless of the outcome. I’ve never been in a more creative, cultivating place. 

    I’m daring myself to dive into things I’ve never done or never thought I would be “good” at. Everyone’s creative energy rubs off on each other. We all encourage each other to take those risks, to move through the “I don’t knows”. I’m allowing myself to ask questions, to be vulnerable. I’ve gotten very emotional this week because I had a brief glimpse of the future and how I won’t be seeing these people everyday, and it’s reminded me to really continue to absorb every facet that everyone has to offer. Each person has many beautiful things to share and I can’t wait to keep continuing to explore the people in my community until the very last minute.

    Hampton – Boston University


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