• Intern Corner: Introducing Lexi Adams

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    lexi blog photo 2Ciao, everyone! My name is Lexi, and I will be interning with Accademia dell’Arte for the remainder of their summer programs. I was a student in the Summer Arts Program in 2015 and just couldn’t stay away. Now, I’m so happy to be back here in Arezzo, and assisting with everything I can!

    Back in the states I’m proud to call Lawrence, Kansas my hometown and when I return I’ll be finishing up my undergrad at Hendrix College studying printmaking and photography. I love dinosaurs (especially the supposed Loch Ness plesiosaur) and am an avid global letterboxer!

    The first part of my summer was spent running around parts of Palestine with my best friend, Andrew, who was studying dance in Jerusalem. Arriving at the Villa last Monday night was a big sigh of relief. I started my travel process that same day at 5am in Tel Aviv, and getting through Israeli security proved to be tougher than I’d anticipated. They found a small error with my exit pass at Border Control so I had to spend two hours of my morning getting interrogated… yikes! After being searched for what felt like the 100th time, they concluded that all I really did have were watercolors and camera equipment, gave me a new and improved exit pass, and sent me on my way! I was finally Italia bound!

    lexi blog photo 5Finally at almost 9pm I had arrived in Arezzo! It was too late in the evening for anyone to be around to greet me since my flight was late getting in, but I didn’t mind. Upon arriving at the Villa, I grabbed my camera and immediately ran to the top of the Teatrino to catch the last bit of sunset. Part of me felt as though I hadn’t left at all.

    There really is an almost indescribable feeling when returning to Arezzo and the Villa after some time apart. But I think it’s a feeling that everyone who is lucky enough to return shares. I felt surrounded by a warmth that seemed to tell me that I was exactly where I’m supposed to be. Villa Godiola is such a great place to explore any type of creative work— I’m so excited to be here. It’s going to be a great summer. I know it.

    (Here are some pictures of me running around Italy last summer!)

    lexi blog photo 6

    lexi blog photos 3

    lexi blog photo 4

    lexi blog photo 1


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