• Lavished Love and Festive Friends

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    In this week’s ADA blog, physical theatre students Liliana and KG talk about joyful experiences that they had both in class and in town as the semester is starting to come to an end. Read on to hear all about it!

    Liliana Mastroanni, Skidmore College

    Semester Physical Theatre Program

    Hey hi hello! It’s Liliana for a third and final time coming at you with the latest highlights. A couple weeks ago the cohort spent a week creating our very own full face masks using worbla, a plastic material that melts into whatever shape you want using a heat gun. Some of us made masks inspired by Commedia characters, some inspired by people in our lives, and some from our own imaginations. For myself, I made a woman partially inspired by the Kardashians and the Joker, and she is on the brink of insanity because she lives in a world where she believes that if she doesn’t look a certain way she won’t find freedom.

    After creating our masks we spent about an hour playing with them, and a lot of us are inspired to use them for our final cabaret, which is in less than two weeks! As we prepare for the cabaret, we are finishing the semester with our avant garde, storytelling, and devising classes. In storytelling, we have each been working with one story and exploring different ways to tell that story, i.e. drawing it, creating a movement piece, telling it in an opposite tone, etc. Our professor Giangiacomo still doesn’t know everyone’s story, we are presenting them to him and the people in class who don’t know ours for the first time this week. 

    KG Rucker, Muhlenberg College

    Semester Physical Theatre Program

    Nordic gnomes

    Hospitable homes

    Imaginative infants

    Ornate ornaments

    Hearty hohoho

    Creamy cocoa

    Lively lights

    Harrowing heights

    Gorgeous gloves

    Lavished love 

    Festive friends

    Wonderful weekend


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