• Meet MFA Cohort IV: Aubrey Clinedinst

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    Today, we present the final installment of our series of introductory posts about MFA Cohort IV. Read on to find out what Aubrey has to say!

    Where are you from?

    Aubrey Clinedinst

    Aubrey ClinedinstWhere are you from?

    I live in New York City, but I went to Goucher College down in Baltimore, Maryland. I got a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre there with a minor in Media Studies. It was a pretty great place.

    How did you hear about the Accademia’s MFA in Physical Theatre?

    Because of Goucher’s partnership with the ADA, I did the undergraduate study abroad here at ADA where I met the first cohort of MFA students and saw their work, and it stuck with me until now.

    What was the audition process like?

    This was the only program to which I applied, and the audition process was a bit of a whirlwind for me. I was doing a program at ADA over the summer last year and the man running it pulled me aside one day because I had mentioned I wanted to pursue my masters, and he said, “Tomorrow we audition you, ok? Don’t prepare anything.” So I just showed up the next day with two other people and we played around in a room until he was satisfied. Definitely the more open environment I was looking for in a program.

    What was your decision process that led you to choose the Accademia’s MFA in Physical Theatre?

    I knew I wanted a specialized masters in physical theatre, and my decision was quite easy as I knew and loved the ADA, it’s in Italy, and to me it makes more sense to learn these specialized theatre styles in the country from which they emerged.

    Looking ahead to beginning the MFA program, what are you most excited about?

    To dive in and really sink my teeth into this program. I feel so green in many of these areas, so I am really excited to start working and hone my theatre skills.

    What are your plans for after you complete the program? How do you expect the training and experience from the Accademia’s MFA in Physical Theatre to complement this?

    I would really like to join or form a theatre company that has a strong home base and also travels to work with other artists and students around the globe. My MFA will complement this because it will train me in the areas of theatre I would like to be involved in and give me the mastery to teach in these areas so that I can ensure seeing physical theatre more strongly in the U.S. and the rest of the world.

    What advice do you have for someone who’s considering applying for the Accademia’s MFA?

    DO IT. Ain’t no harm in shooting for the stars. All goes well, you end up in Italy. 🙂


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