• MFA at FLIC Scuola di Circo: Juggling and Object Manipulation

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    Juggling and Object Manipulation


    verb \ˈjə-gəl\

    : to keep several objects in motion in the air at the same time by repeatedly throwing and catching them

    : to do (several things) at the same time

    : to make changes to (something) in order to achieve a desired result

    *Source Merriam Webster online dictionary

    To juggle; a verb that perfectly embodies our experiences at circus school where we are asked to remember perfect body positions, while balancing in the air and throwing objects up to catch at the same time. For others it also meant learning the art of juggling and object manipulation and while we each took a class on it, only a few of us chose to dedicate three solid weeks to learning as much as we could about juggling and object manipulation in preparation for the final performance.

    Whether it was juggling balls, partner juggling or finding various things to play with, all three students decided to concentrate on a different aspect. As the weeks unfolded, we concentrated on fine tuning our techniques so that our piece would be ready for showtime.

    Sean juggling.JPG

    Sean Mulvihill

    Specialty: Juggling

    Prior Experience: No

    Why did you pick juggling? 

    Because it’s simple, portable, and makes people happy to watch.

    Favorite Trick:

    A Pierrot: I toss 1 ball up into the air, spin around and catch it again.

    Erica 2.jpg

    Erica Tortolano

    Specialty: Juggling

    Prior Experience: Not really

    Why did you pick juggling? 

    It’s challenging and requires patience. The first time I ever saw juggling in a circus show the performer was juggling 7 items and I remember it being mesmerizing to watch.

    Favorite Trick:

    Partner Juggling

    Cassandra 2.jpg

    Cassandra Moselle

    Specialty: Juggling fans

    Prior Experience: I’m a fan dancer, but I have never juggled or manipulated fans in this way before.

    What drew you to juggling fans?

    As a fan dancer I wanted to do something a little more complicated with my fans and a trick I had never seen before.

    Favorite Trick: 

    I have 2: Throw my fans up in the air while they are closed, they open in the air and I catch them. Also, twirling the fans over my hands


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