• MFA Perspectives: Preparing Cabaret Performances

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    Occasional dispatches from the members of the MFA class of 2014.
    by Chloe Stevenson Whiting
    MFA Students Singing with Ukulele
    This semester we have been studying the importance of cabaret performance.  The MFA cohort is in the process of putting together our own performance production with the help of our instructor Paul.

    We spent several days devising pieces through exploring things in the world that we wanted to speak out about.  This method of devising work then took us in all kinds of directions. The 8 of us and Paul are looking to incorporate all kinds of art into this performance piece including drawing, magic, music, songs, dances, acrobatics, musical instruments,and much more.

    After a week of devising we have a plethora of ideas that we are stoked to jump further into.

    Click below to see highlights from their cabaret Pensieri Nudi:


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