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    This week the theatre students were back from Ljubljana just in time to see the Music Student Showcase! Our bloggers this week are Anna Rae Lutz, Hannah Coffman, and Julia Guy! Below they tell us about the music concert and then some highlights from their week!

    Music throughout The Villa!

    There is music wafting through the villa all day, everyday! From the beautiful concertos the music students practice to the little ditties us theatre students improv! When you open your bedroom windows beautiful notes flow in. This week the music students had a recital which brought in numerous community members to support the Accademia. Afterwards there was a lovely reception where the students and the community were able to mingle and celebrate theaccomplishments of the music students.  The villa was abuzz with students from both programs supporting each other.


    Anna Hawkins and Charlie Baldwin


    Musicians: Anna Hawkins, Isabella Quiros, Elmira David, Madison Allen, Rose Shue, Charlie Baldwin, Bryan Johnson, and Laura Lynn Brickle at the reception after the Showcase


    Rose Shue, Elysia Hempel, Laura Lynn Brickle













    Highlights of the week!

    Anna Rae Lutz, Marymount Manhattan College

    I had a classic Arezzo adventure this week. I went into the center of town with some friends and we found a thrift store where everything was 1euro! Some of the bests finds include a yellow turtleneck and a red skirt. Once we were done thrifting, we went to a favorite gelateria, Sunflower, for the perfect gelato!

    Here’s a video of two physical theatre students, Griffin and Josh, playing a little song they wrote about Arezzo!

    IMG_6758 (1)

    Hannah Coffman, Coastal Carolina University 

    This weekend my parents and my sister were visiting and we did a tour of tuscany which was awesome! We went to Siena, which has the most beautiful church I’ve ever seen. The marble flours were gorgeous with their mosaic patterns. Then we ate lunch at a little Tuscan farm with a view of rolling hills. We were really in the Tuscan countryside. We drank amazing wine and ate ragu. Next we went to San Gimignano, which is also called “medieval manhattan” because of the tall towers there, and lastly to Pisa where we each took our turn posing with the leaning tower!

    Julia Guy, Skidmore College

    My mom and dad came to visit this weekend, so I stayed with them in a hotel in the center of Arezzo, which was nice because we don’t have a lot of time during the week to go into the center of town. We discovered some amazing restaurants and places to shop! One of my favorite new restaurants was La Pieve, which means the people in Italian. I had a delicious carbonara and we shared a bottle of Prosecco! We also found Chianterria wine bar, which was great. I had it in my head that coming to Italy the only option was going to be red wine, but clearly that’s not the case, there’s really any type you can think of! Living in Tuscany has really brought out my taste for Chianti:)




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