• New Excursion Destination: Ljubljana, Slovenia

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    The Accademia is proud to introduce Ljubljana as the new destination for a multi-day study tour for semester program students. Italy and Slovenia share a border and it’s capital, Ljubljana, an artistic and cultural hub of Europe, sits just 2 hour’s drive from Venice. During the 4 day study tour, Physical Theatre and Dance students will participate in practical workshops, attend lectures and view performances. Scroll down for more info!


    Why Ljubljana?

    Founding Director Scott McGehee and Nhandan Chirco, Physical Theatre Program Director, share their thoughts on the Accademia’s exciting new excursion destination.

    In regards to what I hope our physical theatre and dance students take away from this 4-day excursion, I believe like any experience into another culture there are enriching qualities that are almost invisible to one through absorption. Seeing different points of view and being in another social and artistic reality is invaluable to the creative process. Ljubljana itself is exciting for the same reason as most of Eastern Europe is exciting. There is an extraordinary tradition of performing arts in these cultures. Ljubljana was the cultural capital of Europe for years after the fall of the Berlin wall. Slovenia, generally, has a very high regard for its own culture, for the development of culture, and also experimental culture. It is a forward thinking area with a lot of innovative artistic work being created.

    – Scott McGehee

    The Ljubljana study tour is an occasion for the students to dive into the extremely creative and innovative atmosphere of the Slovenian contemporary performing arts scene. They will meet and work with dynamic contemporary artists in dance, theatre and music, attend lectures and workshops and have access to fascinating venues in the center of town. Slovenia is a special area in between Europe and the Balkan countries. Culturally it is very receptive to innovative developments in Europe in the fields of contemporary dance, theatre and visual arts. At the same time it is strongly connected to the tradition of the Stanislavski acting method. The policy of investing in contemporary art and culture to promote research and experimentation is something that has been a priority for decades and has fostered the great milieu of young artists and companies there. This combined with the small dimension of the Slovenian nation, makes it one of the most interesting and rich places for contemporary artistic production.

    – Nhandan Chirco

    For more information about the Ljubljana Study Tour, including faculty and spaces,
    click here (scroll down to the ‘Ljubljana Study Tour’ section).


    Ljubljana Quick Facts

    • Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia, which itself is a member of the European Union. The population of Slovenia is approximately 2 million.
    • Population of Ljubljana: 280,607
    • Time Zone: Central European (GMT/UTC + 1)
    • Currency: the Euro (EUR)
    • History: The development of Ljubljana dates back to Roman times, where the fortified Roman settlement of Emona lay on the area of today’s Ljubljana. After Emona was destroyed by Huns, Slavs had arrived and built a town under the present castle hill that developed into medieval Ljubljana (known as Laibach).
    • Pronunciation: [lyoo-BLYAH-nah] BUT Italians and Spanish have shortened it to Lubiana.

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