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    This past weekend our undergrad students went on a trip to Florence! They were lead in a tour by our Student Life Director, Monica, and then had a chance to explore this beautiful city on their own! Below Makenna, Bethany, Connor, Ellie, tell us about what they did. We also hear from One Year Program student Zach!


    Bethany #1Makenna #1

    Makenna Finch, Hampshire College

    I am astounded and unsure how to fully comprehend the vastness of history I am suddenly surrounded by and living in. This weekend, we got the chance to go to Florence, or Firenze in Italian, and walk among the beautiful and horrific history left behind in the architecture of a city, once bursting with money, art, and aristocrats hungry for power and status. Incredible artists were commissioned to build unbelievably lavish homes and cathedrals during this time of the renaissance, which are now filled with art such as The David, and The Birth of Venus. Despite a history full of massacres and overthrows, Firenze has always been a city of beauty and art and its streets are still etched with decades of religion and deep devotion. It left me feeling humbled, small and full of history and bread.

    Bethany Bryant, Muhlenberg College

    This past weekend we went on a trip to Florence, which was incredible! I have always heard from friends who have been, and from my mom in particular, that Florence is their favorite city in the world, so it was amazing to finally be able to see it in person! My favorite part was by far the Uffizi, which I visited on Saturday and spent most of the day walking through the beautiful artwork. It was incredible to see all of these famous paintings and statues that I had learned about in history classes throughout high school in person. I also really enjoyed Monica’s tour on Friday where she showed us a tour of the Medici influence on Florence; it was fascinating to see how much the family was entrenched in the buildings and the culture of Florence. My favorite meal was Saturday night when we found a restaurant owned by an old Italian couple in which we were the only customers. The food and service was amazing, and the couple was even kind enough to give us one of their china doll decorations as a gift when we left. We brought her back to be an ADA mascot and hope to find a suitable name for her soon.

    Connor 1Connor Paradis, Boston University 

    Yesterday in Florence, I had the profound privilege of visiting the San Miniato al Monte – a church one thousand years old. Standing in that ancient marble Basilica I felt the weight of history in a way I rarely experience back home in the states. My ancestors, Irish and French stock from what I can understand, almost certainly never passed through this church, yet, I felt for the first time the reality that my great-great-ancestors were alive then. Somehow 15 (17? 20?) generations of my family have made it from that point until now, through some miracle of fate, and the fact that I am alive at all on this earth is astounding. Humanity has progressed so far in it’s time to arrive here – today – in 2018. Any issues currently facing me in life seem to pale, as I realize how far my family, how far all of our families, have come since that church came up. Somehow we’ve made it this far. Knowing I am alive today due to the efforts of thousands of my forefathers, gives me faith that I should trust myself to manage the same.

    I hope someone will be standing in the San Miniato another thousand yeaEllie photo 1rs from yesterday. And I hope they’ll look back at this moment to and marvel just the same.

    Ellie Swartz, Muhlenberg College 

    Gusty Tuscan strolls
    Some gelato that is cold
    Life is beautiful

    The Duomo, The Art
    6 hours in Uffizi
    Florence, Firenze

    Good friends and good food
    Hip and Jazzy street music
    All boosted our moods!

    Pasta and pizza
    Physical theater is fun!
    Arezzo is home❤️



    Some words an advice from One Year Program student , Zach.

    Zach Montou, Coasta27604154_1546569742063553_1690943327_ol Carolina University

    Arezzo is beautiful. Exploring is my thang. I love this place unconditionally!!! Try & go out as much as you can!! You won’t regret it. Promise❤️


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