• One Month in Italy, One Month with this Community

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    Helena Bryant, Muhlenberg College

    Semester Physical Theatre Program

    After an almost 7 hour bus ride we finally arrived in the beautiful Ljubljana. Attempting to sleep in the hostel that night was hard, as the excitement for the following day’s master class was overwhelming. None of us knew what to expect, but still, we were ready for the unknown.

    When we arrived to Španski Borci we were immediately thrown into an intense pilates workout, led by the incredible Ana. After thoroughly warming up our bodies, (and witnessing a light burst above us), we were taught a phrase created by Iztok Kovač. Little did we know that this phrase would lead us into the rest of our 6 hour day with En Knap.

    Soon after, we were told to create our own “identity card,” a short phrase that showed who we were as a performer. This was one of the first times this semester that we were giving complete freedom to create as artists and performers. It brought a relaxing atmosphere to the room, even though everyone was already sweating profusely from the warm-up and choreography learning.

    After a delicious lunch of vegetable soup, we continued our work with Ana, splitting up into smaller groups to create even more choreography. We used the choreography from each of our “identity cards” to create a group piece, which we then showed to the rest of the group. Soon our choreographed pieces turned into 20 minute improv sessions, accompanied by random music to give inspiration.


    All in all, it was a very fun first day at the Španski Borci!




    Ashton Harris, Coastal Carolina University

    One Year Physical Theatre Program

    My time here at ADA has consisted of gelato, movement, travel, and more gelato. I’ve had so much fun here, I truly don’t even know how to articulate my experience JUST yet.

    So, I’ll do it in two iPhone pictures of me with gelato and quotes that I’ve held close to my heart.






    Enjoy! Ashton Harris @vshtxn 

    “Solos are the best medium for confrontation within oneself”

    “Intention is always a lesser thing than creation- even unsuccessful creation”

    “Performance is a constellation of practices”

    “Once your art is made, it is no longer yours.”

    “I am growing, and I fear nothing in the process”





    Milla Blackwelder, Coastal Carolina University

    One Year Physical Theatre Program

    22 is the number of theatre students.
    10 is the number of music students.
    4 is the number of classes I get to take in a day.
    0 is the number of apples I am allowed to steal from the mensa on the weekend.
    3 is the number of showers I take in an afternoon.
    1,00,000 is the number of pages of my Philosophy homework- which is fine.
    6 is the number of hours of sleep I get every night.
    2 is the amount of cones of gelato I eat in a week.
    The supposed age in seconds of the Universe is 10^22.
    10^22 is the amount of seconds of my energy to continue in the Universe.
    My breath and inspiration will grow, dissolve, flow, and absorb into what will be a part of
    the infinite.
    The ADA is watering my soul flower.
    I do not think there is a number or unit of measurement for the amount of love and
    freedom I feel here.
    Infinitely love, growth, and learning.milla2

    milla1 (1)




    Amanda Hinge, Skidmore College

    Semester Physical Theatre Program

    Reflecting on this past month
    Happy one month anniversary to Italy and the Fall 2019 ADA group! One month ago
    today, August 30, 2019, I was terrified to board my plane or to even introduce myself to my new
    peers. I was thrown into life in Italy and at the Accademia but I wasn’t the only one of course.
    We have ventured through together from the first time we were dropped off in the center of
    Arezzo. My new surroundings and circumstances really hit me when I had to order gelato in
    Italian, an entirely foreign language to me. My new friends were there to struggle with me.
    The first time I felt a sense of community here was when everyone had wandered up to
    the roof of the Teatrino to watch the sunset. We all stood there in awe at the beauty of our new
    home. The sunset gatherings have become a nightly occurrence, a place for music, jokes,
    stories and philosophical talks, and what I look forward to most after a long weekend of travel.
    This community has stayed with me whether I like it or not. I know it will stay with me
    long after the program ends. When developing pieces for our master class in Ljubljana bouncing
    ideas off of my peers, my community, helped in the process. They were also the most helpful in
    providing feedback towards my work and talking things out after a hard day.
    Looking back on this past month, it seems such a long time but also so short. I am
    grateful for the community I have found myself in. I have known these people for so long but so
    little. That is what I love about this arts community.



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