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    This week’s bloggers Kerry, Caitlin, Sof, and Katie share some of the week’s adventures.

    Kerry Gallagher, Muhlenberg College

    Physical Theatre Program

    Ever since I arrived in Italy, it’s felt as though I was still in the states, it hadn’t quite hit me yet that I was abroad. But everything changed this weekend in Florence. Something about walking around the city and seeing the Gucci Gardens, the unnamedMedici crests and the statues made me realize I’m here, I’m in Italy. The Duomo, especially, hit me hard. I hate stairs, and the Duomo has 436 of them, but I would climb them over and over for the breathtaking view from the top of that cathedral. It’s finally setting in that Italy is not America. Since the U.S is so “young” you don’t see artifacts and statues in the streets that are hundreds of years old; but Florence is where Michelangelo lived, and his work is still there to prove it. It’s just incredible truly realizing for the first time that I am in Italy, and the adventure is only just beginning.






    Caitlin Fischer, Boston University

    Physical Theatre Program

    After two weeks, I have found my purpose for being here. This is my chance to focus my entire heart and soul into my craft without inhibition. This is my chance to discover what is beyond the familiar, beyond my everyday distractions. This is my chance to fail gloriously. This is my time. I sure as hell better take this chance.

    Sof Levitskaya

    One Year Program

    Class in the snow!


    Katie McMorrow, Hamilton College

    Dance Program

    There are a lot of things that I didn’t know going into this program. I didn’t know that we lived at the top of a very steep hill, or that we had our own bathrooms in our rooms, or that most of the time classes would start before 9 in the morning and go until just before dinner. I wasn’t even sure if the classes would be taught in English (they are, thankfully). We’ve been told a few times now that this semester will be one of the best times in our life people to freely experiment with our creativity in such a supportive group of individuals, a group that we can fail in front of over and over again as we grow. I’ve never been surrounded by such talented people, and it can be very intimidating to be willing to fail in front of everyone here. But this week in class we showcased the start of a solo that describes ourselves and I was absolutely terrified to present. However, once I actually went and did it, I realized that this was just a starting point. We’re here to improve on what we have, and it doesn’t have to be perfect right away. Outside of class, I didn’t know if I would make any friends, especially when the majority of students already went to the same college and seemed to know each other already. But I also didn’t know that spending such long hours in class with the same group of people would create such strong bonds in such a short amount of time. I often forget that it’s only been two weeks. It’s only been two weeks since I saw my friends and family and was frantically packing at the last minute. This place already feels like home — as we all keep calling it that — and coming back after our long weekend away was a relief. As much fun as I had in Florence, I already missed the smaller city of Arezzo and living in a Villa with everyone just a few doors away. With the rest of the semester to go, I’m excited to see where it takes us.



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