• SLC Corner: The Dawn of a New Semester

    by  • January 24, 2020 • Faculty & Staff, Student Life, Uncategorized • 0 Comments

    For me, having a new group of students arrive at the villa was like Christmas morning. Seeing the villa go from empty and lifeless to full of students ready to jump into a new semester is so exciting to me, mainly because my job revolves around the students. Well, everyone’s job does in one way or another, because of course this place wouldn’t exist without the students. But for me, I live here at the villa with them, eat meals with them and take a class with them. And I can tell you, without the students, living alone in a Tuscan villa can get pretty, well, lonely. So for me, having this new group of students here to connect with and relate to is one of the most amazing things. And of course, I am reminded of when I was a student here, two years ago, especially as I am teaching them not to make the same mistakes I did back then (Don’t buy something that says “Ammorbidente” thinking it’s laundry detergent… it’s actually fabric softener). But I am especially reminded of my semester here since I studied here in the spring. Being here in the spring semester was very special for me, as I watched Arezzo’s chilly winter turn into a warm, sunny spring. The most magical thing was watching all of the daisies bloom all around the villa, as watching the sun come out and the plants come to life mirrored the artistic growth happening in the classroom for me and my peers. I hope that by April, this new group of students will feel the same way.


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