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    We’re very pleased to announce some new developments in our Summer Arts Programming for June 2013! The Accademia has teamed up with University of Rochester to create a unique program that allows students to customize their own study abroad experience.

    Students choose two of the four courses  offered through the Accademia dell’Arte and the University of Rochester, to create a course of study that is custom tailored to their areas of interest.

    Courses offered include:

    Commedia dell’Arte: Acting I
    Instructor: Michela Mocchiutti
    Mask Making: The Masks of Commedia dell’Arte
    Instructor: Torbjörn Alström
    Italian language – Intermediate Level
    Instructor: Teresa Murano

    Film in Italy: Cinema and Mezzogiorno
    Instructor: Federico Siniscalco, PhD

    *Read more about these courses here.

    By combining performing arts with liberal studies and language in a unique and supportive community this four-week summer course offers a range of options.  Students are able to find an intensity of focus on the subject matter they are most interested in while still sharing in the delights of a summer spent in Tuscany.

    Visit www.dell-arte.org/programs to learn more about this and other programs offered at the Accademia. Or, read more about new programs on the blog including: The Fo Project and our Educators Summer Retreat.


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