• The Part I’ll Cherish Most

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    This week, physical theatre students Eliza, Sydney and Corin reflect on their most recent performance and some of their favorite parts of their time here as the semester starts to draw to a close. Read on hear all about it!

    Eliza Turner, Coastal Carolina University

    One Year Physical Theatre Program

    Here is the theatre we performed our Commedia Dell’Arte performance in this past Friday!

    The past three weeks we have been working on learning all the main commedia characters. The last week we split into three groups and each created different commedia skits. I was a female lover (Beatrice) and a Capitano with Corin, Lillian, KG, and Ariel in my group! It was extremely difficult, I think a lot harder than we expected it to be, but after many hours in class and outside of class practicing, we got it to a concise fifteen minute story. I think this is my favorite unit we have had so far here at the ADA because I really felt like I found myself as a comedic actress and using masks on top of that is such a great skill to have. I am so beyond proud of our performance and all of the hard work we crammed in with such a short amount of time!
    Everybody did so amazing!

    This is a mask that I molded out of clay from my first mask-making class this morning. (11/8) My main inspiration is the evil queen from Snow White so I am still working on it, obviously. I am so excited to see how this turns out at the end of this week! I’m not an artist in any way, shape, or form and yet our teacher makes it so easy for me to feel confident in what I am creating!

    Sydney Zarlengo, Mt. Holyoke College

    Semester Physical Theatre Program

    As the leaves’ colors change

    And chill starts to descend 

    I know that my time here

    Is reaching its end 

    And how do I feel 

    About the semester I’ve spent? 

    Well, on that thought 

    I’m not a hundred percent 

    But I do know for certain

    After all that took place, 

    How I worked and I fought

    To create a safe space, 

    That most important of all,

    The part I’ll cherish most, 

    Are the friends that I’ve made

    (Even the villa ghost)

    Corin Wiggins, Coastal Carolina University

    One Year Physical Theatre Program

    On Friday we had our Commedia performance, which also served as a culmination on the work did throughout our Commedia unit. I loved Commedia and I loved the performance we did. I truly felt like a grew as an artist and that this style will be very useful going forward, both in other styles and in any devised work I do. The show itself only started to be put together four days before the performance. For me, that created a ton of stress, but I was thrilled with how the final product turned out. It took a lot of effort to get the work to a show-able state, even by Commedia’s standards, but it was ultimately an excellent experience. Additionally, it was also the first time I’ve performed for an audience since the pandemic. As anyone can imagine, it was a great feeling.


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